Corona Bavaria new rules: Hotel, fitness center, outdoor pool: These reductions will apply in Bavaria from Friday 21 May

  • The third corona wave in Germany is flattening out, the numbers are declining.
  • Corona rules are therefore relaxed in many states.
  • Bayern will also relax on the current corona measures on Friday 21 May.

Bavaria loosens up further. “It’s time again for a better feeling in the Corona period,” the prime minister said Markus Soeder (CSU) when he announced the latest easing. However, there are only reliefs if the incidence is appropriate: it should in principle be stable below 100. But what exactly is being relaxed? An overview.

Tourism in Bavaria: These corona solutions come into force

There are significant changes from Friday:

  • Hotel,
  • hostels,
  • Campsites and Co.

will be allowed to accommodate tourists again. The premise is that the county or city has allowed it, which it can do if the incidence is stable below 100 with the approval of the Ministry of Health. In addition, guests should be tested and repeated at regular intervals as long as the incidence is not stable below 50. Exceptions are – as usual – those who have recovered, those who have been vaccinated and children up to their 6th birthday.

Accommodation companies are even allowed to run indoor catering until 1 p.m. 22.00 – but only for their guests, with distances and strict hygiene rules. In addition, tourist train and bus trips are allowed again, and the outdoor areas in medical thermal baths are allowed to reopen.

Sports, theater, leisure: Spectators allowed with an attendance of less than 100

Here, too, there are many reliefs with stable deposits below 100. Some of them also affect tourists: Cable cars are allowed to run again, and river and sea shipping offer excursion traffic.

The theaters have already taken the first steps to open, but Pentecost will be the start of the outdoor season: With stable occurrences below 100, strict hygiene requirements can be met for up to 250 spectators. With stable occurrences below 50 without the mandatory coronation test. This applies to both professional and amateur ensembles. Amateur ensembles are also allowed to rehearse.

Sport is similar to the theater: 250 spectators are allowed to watch sporting events in the open air – provided that the incidence is stable below 100 and that the appropriate test and hygiene protocols are in place.

Corona gym in Bavaria: training in the gym with an FFP2 mask

If you want to be active yourself, you can go to the gym again. FFP2 masks are mandatory up to the device and – in areas with an incidence of over 50 – testing is mandatory.

With a stable incidence below 100, outdoor pools can also open from Pentecost: guests who are not deterred by the weather can only be admitted after pre-booked time. In addition, they must also have a negative test – as long as the incidence does not fall steadily below 50.

Corona rules in Bavaria: Solution can take effect in many places

Large parts of Bavaria now meet the conditions for relief. The so-called stable occurrence below 100 usually means that a district or an independent city must be five days below this value, then after a waiting period, which is one day until Pentecost weekend, it can open the following day. In some cases, however, an approval from the Ministry of Health is still required.

In 58 counties and districts, the incidence was below 100 on at least the fifth day on Wednesday morning according to the RKI figures, which is decisive for Friday. In another three counties, there had been an incidence below this value for five days at once, at least in the days before. However, the openings would only be reversed if the limit of 100 was exceeded for three consecutive days. Overall, the openings could come in 61 out of 96 independent cities and counties on Friday.

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