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The mass sport in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is reopening earlier than originally planned. From 1 June, there will again be the opportunity for sports for all age groups in clubs and in gyms.

As the state government explained on Saturday night after consultations with representatives of the sports associations, sports should then again be allowed for all age groups in the clubs. However, there are limitations. A maximum of 25 people may play sports together outdoors and a maximum of 15 people indoors, where adults must present a negative test. For children and young people, the school tests, which are conducted twice a week, are sufficient. A negative test result is also a prerequisite for the use of fitness and yoga studies from 1 June. In addition, time must be booked and there is a limit of one person per. ten square meters.

Outdoor pools reopen for guests and clubs

Outdoor pools can again be used for school and club sports and swimming lessons from 1 June. Normal bathing operations were then allowed again. A hygiene concept is required. Adults need a negative test result. Club and school sports will also be allowed again in indoor pools, but not normal leisure swimming activities. The state program “MV can swim” received an additional 175,000 euros from the state. It is available to providers of swimming lessons for children to prevent them from paying a personal contribution to the course fees for children, according to Minister Stefanie Drese (SPD).

Competitive sport from June 22 with spectators again

On June 22, competitions with spectators will again be allowed – both in professional and popular sports. Appropriate hygiene concepts are a prerequisite for this. Regions with a 7-day incidence of less than 35 in seven consecutive days may therefore advance opening steps.

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It is still recommended to wear a mask in teaching throughout the country. Corona tests continue. More corona news in the live ticker. more

Children’s and youth sports are allowed again from 26 May

The reason for the relaxation in the sport, which is now earlier than originally planned, is the markedly reduced incidence. A few days ago, the state government had already approved openings for children’s and youth sports. From Wednesday next week (May 26), children’s and youth sports in clubs in the outdoor area will again be possible for all age groups in regions with an incidence value of less than 50 (deadline 19 May) – in larger groups of up to 20 years. persons at public or private outdoor sports facilities. The school test is sufficient for this, only the coaches and nursing staff need to be tested on a daily basis, fully vaccinated or recovered.

Criticism of unequal treatment of professionals and amateur athletes

Most recently, the state sports federation had criticized that FC Hansa Rostock was allowed to play in front of 7,500 spectators, but that there was no prospect of amateur sports.

Lots of work for the fitness industry

Gym representative Andy Redner reported that the studies have seen a 20 to 25 percent drop in the number of members, and that this is not only a long-awaited opening after nearly seven months of downtime, but also the start of a lot of work. They have to win back the members, put their studies back on a solid footing financially, and the operators assume that they have to reckon with significant physical discomfort from their members (overweight, high blood pressure, motor problems in children). The consequences could be felt in the coming years, according to Redner.

Municipalities should keep sports facilities open

Drese also appealed to the municipalities to leave the sports facilities open during the summer holidays. These begin on June 21st. Background: If the halls were to be closed as usual from then on, there would only be an opportunity for three weeks of leisure sports before everything is closed again.

Corona and MV

A used surgical mask lies in front of the Kiel Landeshaus in sunshine.  © picture alliance / SULUPRESS.DE Photo: Torsten Sukrow / SULUPRESS.DE

The background is a court ruling that had largely suspended the nationwide “hotspot regulation”. more

7-day incidence of admissions from April 24, 2022. © NDR

The seven-day incidence of new infections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania drops to 759.3. The frequency of hospitalizations drops to 5.0. more

Rostock coach Jens Härtel gestures on the edge of the pitch.  © IMAGO / Picture Point LE

The Rostocks are guests of the Erzgebirge Aue today. Coach Jens Härtel will break the 40 points there. more

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