Chemnitz gym has the solution for back pain


Chemnitz gym has the solution for back pain


Chemnitz – However, there are many good gyms KIESER TRAINING in Chemnitz want more! The study would like to give you effective support to not only keep fit in everyday life, but also to specifically combat physical problems such as back pain.

The studio even has its own research department for this! If you want to test it, you can in a short time train for two months for free – More info below!

How exactly yourself KISER TRAINING from all other studies and is therefore something very special, we will now reveal.


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KIESER TRAINING has for 50 years been a word and contact point for health-oriented, effective strength training.

Behind the success lies KISER TRAINING method as a clear and scientifically proven concept.

The point here is not to emulate any fitness trends, but to achieve a long-term and high-quality improvement of your physical well-being.

For the team, it is important for effective training that it takes place without distraction and in a calm, concentrated atmosphere. Therefore, loud music, large mirrors for selfies, juice bars or TVs are an absolute no-go for the studio.

You will not find the usual training equipment here either. For KIESER TRAINING, these do not do what they are supposed to – namely specifically compensate for muscle deficiency.

That’s why the fitness center, thanks to its decades of experience, is inside Research Development, even his own devices!

Examples are the highly specialized “Lumbar Extension” or “Cervical Extension” back machines, which specifically strengthen your deep-seated muscles in the lower back and cervical spine.

is summarized KISER TRAINING not the alternative to the gym, but for example to a disco operation.

KIESER TRAINING supports you in this

The advanced devices may look complicated, but there is always a pro by your side :-)

The state-of-the-art devices may look complicated, but there is always a professional by your side 🙂 © Verena Meier Fotografie

With a individually developed training plan and professional guidance supports KIESER TRAINING in the following areas:

  • back training
    Using the computer-assisted exercise machines, the KIESER team can test the mobility of your spine and the strength of the back extensor and strengthen them during exercise.
  • Promote muscle building and strengthen the psyche
    With 2 x 30 minutes of training per week, KIESER TRAINING offers effective training to meet everyday challenges – both physically and mentally.
  • Exercise the pelvic floor and reduce problems
    An isolated pelvic floor workout is not that easy a task. For this reason, KIESER TRAINING has for years worked on a machine with which the muscles can be trained separately through exercises.
  • Stimulates metabolism and tones the body
    More muscle and less fat – with KIESER strength training, the basal metabolism is increased and the body fat percentage is reduced. Bioelectrical impedance analysis, or abbreviated BIA, gives visible results. The analysis system at KIESER TRAINING gives you information about the distribution of muscle and fat mass. And that in just 24 seconds.

By the way: The excellent training support and support was also confirmed by Stiftung Warentest.

The benefits in an instant

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✔️ Minimum investment of time
You train twice a week for 30 minutes in high-intensity training. So you are addicted to high-performance training where the muscles are pressed to their limits.

✔️ Training sessions with professional supervision
Particular emphasis is placed on an absolutely clean and correct execution of the respective exercises. Therefore, you have a specially trained instructor by your side who explains and monitors the machines and the precise execution.

✔️ High quality exercise machines
The advanced machine technology allows you to build muscle safely and purposefully.

✔️ Advice on medical education
Your health condition will be checked on the spot. In this way, the training is optimally adapted to the physical condition.

Train now for two months for free

In principle, this is very simple: If you exist October 16 You can sign up for a training subscription with KIESER TRAINING two months free training. *

All you have to do is fill out the form below, without obligation. The KIESER team will then contact you to arrange a desired start date.

Click here for KIESER TRAINING in Chemnitz

Here is KIESER TRAINING too "Rosenhof arcades" and Chemnitz.

Click here for KIESER TRAINING at “Rosenhof Arkaden” in Chemnitz. © Kieser Training

Market 5, Bretgasse entrance
09111 Chemnitz

Phone: 0371/69 49 292
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Voter Training Chemnitz

opening hours
Mon-Fri: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sat, Sun and public holidays: 09:00 to 18:00

Good to know: KIESER TRAINING also has its own podcast! Internal and external experts discuss topics related to muscle, strength and health.

This is what it looks like on the site:

* Applies to new customers when purchasing a training subscription with a start period of 2 years until 30 November 2020. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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