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DUkraine needs weapons to survive. But some in the West are hesitant. Are we heading for a catastrophe like the 1914 sleepwalkers? Or are we repeating the mistakes the Allies made in 1939? Konrad Schuller, political correspondent for our Sunday newspaper in Berlin, addressed this issue. There is a lot of talk about World War II now. Political leaders, even the President of the United States, recall the massacres of the 20th century to explain the great caution with which they confronted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was not to be like 1914. At that time, the world was carelessly plunged into World War I, the “primordial catastrophe” of modernity. Mobilization followed mobilization, blind enthusiasm swept everything away, and eventually millions died. Historian Christopher Clark coined the term “sleepwalkers” for the politicians and monarchs of the day. That word comes again now.

It was recently used as a warning by US Admiral James Stavridis, a former NATO chief. But not everyone is convinced by the sleepwalking analogy; the former Austrian officer Gustav Gressel is one of them. He is a security policy expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations and believes that the Russian president is only bluffing to shock the West enough to destroy Ukraine privately. In Germany, Lieutenant General a. D. Heinrich Brauss is similar. And it is also true: the Czech Republic sent the Ukrainians tanks, Slovakia’s anti-aircraft missiles. So far, nothing has been known about an attack on these countries.

What makes us strong? In an interview with our sports editor Michael Wittersagen, neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius talks about the power of thought, the value of adequate sleep and wasted working hours. Fabritius is a neuroscientist and has, among other things, developed a special program for brain-friendly working methods, which is primarily aimed at managers. First of all, everything is very simple: “He who strengthens the body also strengthens the brain. If you strengthen the brain, you also strengthen the body. ” But then it gets more complicated: For the increase in dopamine levels achieved through sports only happens if you enjoy the sport. So if you struggle to go to the gym even though you hate it, you will not get the same effect as someone who enjoys their sport. However, when adding fun, the following applies: “There is nothing better you can do for your brain than exercise.” And there is something that has a similar effect: sleep. As you can see, an interview worth reading. For the proportion of people who do not get enough sleep has increased significantly. Incidentally, chronic stress is nothing. What about short-term stress as a genetic agent? A cold shower is just amazing. I know this from personal experience.

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Mothers are usually the ones who keep track of everything in the family. Blogger Patricia Cammarata explains how they manage not to get stuck and collapse under load in an interview with Julia Schaaf from the “Life” section of our Sunday newspaper: “Men simply have these endless supplies of soap, as from an endless reservoir. You do not even realize that the woman fills it up. The plants in the apartment do not survive either. magic, but is regularly watered by the woman, “says Cammarata. But more efficiency is not the answer, for:” Efficiency usually means specialization, which in turn means that there is only one expert on a subject and there is little exchange. do you organize yourself: It’s perfect when you do not record a minute twice, but double the resources. But then you just give yourself the grip. It works in the factory, but not in relationships. In families, it is more important to share so much as possible and to see each other as a system. ” How could it work? Read for yourself.

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