Basketball: How the Hamburg Towers withstand the strain


How the Hamburg Towers withstand the physical strain

Thanks to a targeted load control, Lukas Meisner can still fly in a short time despite many games.


Bundesliga basketball players play their seventh match in 18 days at Löwen Braunschweig on Saturday.

Hamburg. The knock can be heard through the listener. Helge Beckmann had to interrupt the call for a few seconds to find a wooden table to press. “I expected worse and I’m surprised it did not degenerate,” said Hamburg Tower’s team doctor.

47 competing games, 29 of them in Bundesliga17 inches EuroCup and one in the trophy, the Wilhelmsburg basketball players have completed this season so far – and have largely been spared muscle injuries. Nevertheless, Beckmann advises to fill up on his supplies of wood, for the schedule is progressing at a furious pace. This Saturday (18.00 / MagentaSport) is at Basketball Lowen Braunschweig the seventh meeting within 18 days.

Basketball: “Players are close to breaking point”

Since March 2, the burgers have been playing English weeks without interruption. Only once was there at least five days between two matches. The double burden in this form is known only by a fraction of the troop over extended periods. When do the hardships get too big?

According to Beckmann, the athlete’s body has almost reached this breaking point. “The many games are only part of the problem. Due to the fact that there are regular long trips away from half of Europe, the rest periods are reduced, which is why some players are close to the stress limit, “says the orthopedist, who together with Tower’s coaching team is a sports coach. Melvyn Wiredu and physiotherapist Nico Stamp, have taken their precautions. “We’ve been dealing with stress control since the start of the season.”

“We work according to the principle of microdosing”

Here, the feedback from the players, who must inform daily about their physical and mental condition, plays a crucial role. For this purpose, the medical department meets twice a week, and by a third appointment, the exchange with the coaching team takes place. “Fortunately, the coaches are open and the players give honest answers when they reflect on their body,” says Beckmann, who runs the practice of orthopedics and trauma surgery at Ottensen.

Compared to last season, when the Towers did not play internationally, the rest periods have been adjusted. Wiredu will start recovery operations immediately after the end of the game. “On the break day, the players who have played a lot must also be on the move. A walk is enough, ”says Wiredu. Light strength units are planned during the week. “We follow the principle of microdosing. This means that the players implement small, targeted units that do not tire them, but provide stimuli to maintain strength and muscle. ”

Diet is also monitored

The diet is closely monitored, supported by dietary supplements. “Everyone who eats heavy food in the evening sleeps worse and will get the benefits,” Beckmann says.

Still, there seemed to have been a few short nights. Recently, the Towers seemed tired, gave up the duel with table neighbors BG Göttingen in the final phase (80:83), and on Wednesday night they fought against a very weak bottom of the table from Frankfurt only to less than convincing 68:58 victories.

Coach Pedro Calles rejects criticism

Coach Pedro Calles rejects the burgeoning criticism of having his top players on the floor for too long in matches already settled. “It’s not true that I have a problem with stress control. However, I have to make sure we have a competitive team on the floor. The team is not deep enough to allow long breaks without jeopardizing success, “said the Spaniard.

In this physically tense situation, the table’s fifteenth Braunschweig (10:18 wins) is one of the most annoying opponents. Lower Saxony, almost saved from relegation, play the second highest pace in the league. The key: “Energy.” Says Lukas Meisner, born in Braunschweig and former lion. After the Frankfurt match, the 26-year-old demanded a relentless review of the past few weeks.

Basketball: Meisner needs renovation

“We have to sit in the movie room and see how we have developed. Did we take one at all? Then everyone must look in the mirror and ask themselves if they gave everything. ” Statements from the reflected ex-national player weigh heavily. After all, he is anything but a fool.

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