Apple Fitness + in the test: home gym

Apple Fitness + offers eleven types of workouts

Three colored rings must be closed per. day. Red stands for movement, green for training – and the blue ring shows people who are sedentary how often they get up during the day. The interactive streaming platform Apple Fitness + offers eleven different types of training to help you achieve this daily goal. The service has been available in Germany since November 2021. Stiftung Warentest subjected it to a rapid test.

Visualized success. If the three colored rings are closed, the daily goal is reached. © Source: Apple Fitness, Screenshot Stiftung Warentest, Getty Images (M)

A course has several levels of difficulty

Whether it’s yoga, strength training or rowing, if the trainer’s exuberant nature picks you up, the fitness spark quickly jumps over to you. There are usually three of the coaches. Sometimes they perform the exercises (simultaneously) with different intensity. Within the sport, users can filter – eg by trainer, training length, training equipment (such as Theraband or dumbbells) and music genre.

The program runs technically error free

Technology also plays its role: the Apple Watch seamlessly sends important data such as heart rate and calorie consumption to the iPhone or iPad. They appear in the training video and can be shared with the community if required. Especially on the iPhone, the videos are a little too small for practical use. For good readability, we recommend streaming the English-language offering with German subtitles on a modern, AirPlay-2-compatible smart TV or a Macbook. However, the smart TV only shows the vital data if it is connected via an Apple TV box.

Apple device only

The Apple Fitness + all-round package can only be used by those who are in the Apple universe anyway. An installation without Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad? Impossible. If you do not have one, you must first count on several hundred euros in acquisition costs. For those who are already in the Apple world, subscribing to online gyms is pretty cheap at ten euros a month.

Training plan missing

As early as September 2020, we surveyed five online gyms and three YouTube fitness channels. What we missed with Apple Fitness + compared to the other online gyms was the ability to make an exercise plan for individual goals such as muscle building or weight loss. With over 600 videos, it can quickly get confusing.

Apple Fitness + in the test - home gym

Large selection. Apple Fitness + offers many different sports, but no training plan. © Source: Apple Fitness, Screenshot Stiftung Warentest, Getty Images (M)

Refreshingly diverse

Apple does away with clichés and shows sports cannons in all body shapes. Pregnant and older women also train. The training sessions are also moderated in and out in sign language. The other online fitness studios tend to rely on young trainers with thin and athletic bodies looking in vain for inclusion.

Conclusion: Good offer with an annoying shortcoming

All in all, Fitness + is a balanced, well-thought-out offer with high-quality videos in a simple and modern design – just as you are used to from Apple. The lack of a training plan is wasted potential as it would be easy to connect the service to the calendar.

Tip: In the “right” gym, trainers sometimes intervene to put things right – this is not the case online. For self-correction, inexperienced people can train next to a mirror and compare themselves to the original on the screen, says Theodor Stemper. He is Professor of Sports Science at the University of Wuppertal. If you unlock our review of online gyms, you will find even more useful training tips.

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