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Incredible quake in the NFL!

bam! Quarterback Superstar Aaron Rodgers (38) extended by four years with the Green Bay Packers, reportedly raising up to $ 200 million.

bam! quarterback star Russell Wilson (33) will most likely move to the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks get quarterback among others Drew Lock (25).

bam! quarterback star Carson Wentz (29) traded from the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commanders.


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What’s next? Who goes where? BILD mentions seven hammer rumors that make NFL fans freak out.

“Jimmy G” to the Colts?

Quarterback star Jimmy Garoppolo (30) is almost certain to leave the San Francisco 49ers. Following the Wentz deal to Washington, he is the most likely candidate for his job in Indianapolis. Reportedly, the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers, who also spotted Aaron Rodgers, are also a hot topic.

Will Rodgers lose his best teammate?

Davante Adams (29), Aaron Rodgers’ favorite pass receiver, actually wants to stay with the Green Bay Packers. For this he supposedly has two conditions. The first: Rodgers must stay – the Packers just made it! Second, he will be the highest paid recipient in the NFL! Therefore, his salary had to be increased from about $ 16 million a year to about $ 22 million or more.

Apparently four other teams are playing poker! The Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers.

Is the Broncos building a super team?

Super Bowl winner Von Miller, 33, is not expected to continue another season with the Los Angeles Rams. Instead, there is speculation about a bold one-year contract with another franchise! Therefore, the Denver Broncos, who have just strengthened with Russell Wilson and have their eye on the title, are considered a hot landing spot for the defensive giants! Miller has played here before.

The Baltimore Ravens are also traded very, very hot. Von Miller reportedly earns $ 17 million a year.

Brady buddy Gronk on his way to Titan?

Rob Gronkowski (32), who has Polish ancestry and even held the 24/7 title in the WWE, has won four Super Bowls with his teammate Tom Brady. Three with the New England Patriots, the last in 2021 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If a miracle happens and Brady returns after retirement, it’s highly likely that Gronk will play with him again.

But it’s more likely that the tight end will play somewhere other than the Bucs for $ 8 million. He traded extremely hot with the Tennessee Titans, who will attack the Super Bowl again after the embarrassing early playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are also said to be super hot for Gronkowski. There are also rumors that he is about to retire forever.

Chief of Defense leaves Chiefs?

That would be a real hit! Defense missile Tyrant Mathieu (29) is very, very strongly associated with Washington Commanders. There is talk of a three-year contract worth $ 48.75 million.

Mathieu surprised yesterday with a tweet that once again fueled his intentions to say goodbye. “Replacing me is easy. But getting them (that is, his successors, ed.) To do the same as me is damn near impossible.”

NFL Networks’ Ian Rapoport believes Mathieu wants to test the free agency market: “There’s a chance he’s staying in Kansas City. But the Chiefs have other priorities at the moment.”

Who gets Rodgers Victim Love?

It is assumed that the quarterback Jordan Love (23) leaves the Packers because it is clear he will not be able to get past Rodgers for the next four years and as recently he will only be able to play if the regular playmaker is injured.

So Green Bay could act to strengthen the team in other positions. The Atlanta Falcons are considered a hot buyer! The Broncos, like the Commanders, were also considered interested, but both have now got a new quarterback.

Did the commanders make a joke with Mahomes?

NFL fans laugh at this rumor: The commanders reportedly called the Kansas City Chiefs in their feverish search for a new quarterback to see if Quarterback Megastar Patrick Mahomes (26) may not be available. Chiefs news site even reports that all 31 clubs have been called with a wish list of 42 people. How the Chiefs responded to the call is unknown …


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