American football: Frankfurt Galaxy starts defending mission title in ELF |

Galaxy is back on the training ground. The first champion of the European League of Football also wants to be the second. With last season’s performance, it will not work.

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Frankfurt Lions shortly before the ascent | Hessenschau Sport from April 21, 2022


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The Frankfurt Galaxy won the title almost seven months ago. In the minds of the players, however, it is still ubiquitous. “I think about the triumph almost every day,” the recipient of the passport, Marvinrutsch, admitted to hr-sport. “Everyone on the team has their memory of it.” But now it’s time to look ahead. The new season of the European League of Football (ELF) begins in early June.

The goal of the Galaxy, which has just resumed training, is clear. “Back to back champion,” says Rutsch, laughing. The players are warm and ready to bring the championship to Hesse again this year.

Beware of the Austrians

Of course, it will not be easy. ELF has grown a lot. The old opponents have been upgraded, new strong opponents have joined the league. “The league has gotten better. Last year’s level will not be enough to win the title this year,” said Galaxy coach Thomas Kösling.

Especially the Vienna Vikings and Tirol Raiders from Austria can be expected this season. It is no coincidence that the league concludes the final in Klagenfurt. “The two Austrian teams are immediately among the top favorites. They have been the ultimate in Europe for years,” warns Kösling. The Frankfurters share a division with the Austrians and the Stuttgart Surge, of which NFL professional Jakob Johnson is now a co-owner.

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The season starts in June

Frankfurt Galaxy starts the season on June 5 with a home game. At 3 pm, the Hessians welcome the newly founded Rheinbrand on Bornheimer Hang.

The first away game of the season takes place exactly one week later in Vienna at the Vienna Vikings.

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Thomas Zampach has to fight for the spot

Galaxy, the reigning champion, is being hunted in the second ELF season. With all the early praise for the new teams, the team to be beaten is Galaxy. “We have a kind of goal on our backs,” Kösling says, but still says, “It is our goal to defend this title again.”

In Frankfurt, they are convinced that they have made targeted improvements to the squad. For the defense, which was already considered a spectacle, the two Berliners Louis Achaintre and Nael Wasri were engaged. Last season’s problem child, the kicker position, was occupied by former Eintracht professionals Thomas Zampach and Ryan Rimmler. There is no guarantee of using any of them.

Hoping for team width and fan support

Only the Passport Corps at first glance does not seem to be quite as strong as last season. With Anthony Mahoungou, Frankfurters have lost what may be their best wide receiver. The Frenchman has taken the leap overseas to the Canadian CLF. “Anthony’s departure hurts us,” Kösling admits. “But our strength last year was that we did not have one recipient in the top five, but many in the top 15.”

Wide receiver slide is also convinced that the Galaxy is well occupied in the depths of the squad. The defending champion is prepared for the new season, also hoping for a calmer Corona summer than in 2021 and for another pound from the last few years: the supporters from the fans, the so-called purple hell. “Hopefully we can crack the 5,000 to 6,000 spectators,” Kösling says, promising: “No one will regret visiting us.”

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