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Sugar is generally taboo. And we should play sports before breakfast. Such tips are real motivation killers. Stop it! Fitness is actually quite simple and can be really fun.

First of all: No one seriously needs a dream body based on model images edited with Photoshop. Nevertheless, for many it is a goal to eat more consciously, take better care of themselves and feel good about themselves. What is missing? motivation on the one hand. On the other hand, there are also simple, achievable tips – and thus the fun of exercise and a healthy diet.

Fitness and nutrition coach Patric Heizmann was inside with Sebastian Müller SWR3 popup visit to change it. His credo:

It is allowed to eat! Yesterday was banned!

The simplest tips for fitness and healthy eating

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Tip 1: Find your sport!

Just because some people are proclaiming a new trend sport, does not mean that everyone should think it’s great. There are people who just can not stand jogging without purpose. Others find it sweet to work out in the office. And yet others see nothing but a chav pot in the gym. It’s not bad, it’s quite normal.

Important: Do not follow trends, just try as many things as possible. Then you can decide for yourself what you enjoy and what you do not have. Because if you do not like sports, you do not last long.

Tip 2: Be realistic!

There are things that are simply not compatible with everyday life. Moms or dads have different time than someone who is away on a business trip all week. If you have a long-distance relationship, you certainly do not want to go to the gym at the weekend – for singles, it is not a problem and, and, and. So: First of all, be aware of what your everyday life usually looks like, be realistic (only then can you also reach your goals and remove a sense of accomplishment) and try to use this to figure out how you can create free space to take care of yourself and your body to take care of.

Tip 3: Cheating is allowed!

The same goes for diets and nutrition plans. Of course, it is not healthy to shovel huge amounts of fatty and sugary foods in. But not everything is necessarily completely taboo. Experts assume that so-called cheat days, where we consciously allow ourselves to indulge our cravings can help sustain long-term dietary changes. Fitness trainer Patric Heizmann advises that you especially cut snacks off because we often eat unconsciously and do not even enjoy it. Better: Eat properly for the main meals and eat well until you are full. This helps against food cravings and the feeling of torturing yourself.

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Tip 4: It’s often more fun in a group!

Fighting your way through alone and fighting the bastard is not easy for many. Therefore, finding allies often helps. Arranging appointments with your partner, friends or colleagues and really wanting to keep those appointments – it often helps to get through little pants. Also good at addressing lack of motivation: Communities.

“That a touch hurts – no one understands it”

They are part of various apps or fitness watches. The idea: to motivate each other and see how others reach their goals can inspire. It is scientifically verifiable. For example, since January, the University of Münster has conducted a study showing that most people who work with fitness apps expect additional motivation from them. In addition, if you go to a fitness community with acquaintances, friends or family, you often feel responsible – if they play a lot of sports, then I would like to join and not let them down. A similar principle as in sports clubs. Less anonymous, more commitment.

Fitness trainer Patric Heizmann also thinks that the technical assistants are a good strategy to set goals and also monitor whether they have been reached. He says: 10,000 steps a day, we should be able to do that, it is an achievable goal. Fitness watches or apps show me objectively whether the goal has been reached. Self-deception – difficult. Reward – comes immediately with the positive result.

Children walk 10,000 steps a day, we adults 2,000, died 0 – the trend is clear! Therefore: Get a pedometer and become a child again. But be careful when it comes to data protection: Experts see big problems here with many fitness watch providers and trackers.

Tip 5: Do not believe in any advertising slogan!

Of course, when it comes to healthy eating, there are always new miracle cures that supposedly do great things and are outrageously expensive. There are often cheap alternatives to the trend products. The fitness coach recommends: Superfoods often have relatives who are not quite as hip and are much cheaper, but just as healthy. Example: Replace chia seeds with flax seeds. A great complement to a healthy breakfast of muesli.

It is actually much more important than buying expensive food that we buy fresh as much as possible and also make and prepare it ourselves. And that’s primarily because we then know what’s inside. Those who always shake the dinner out of the package or can often get hidden preservatives and added sugar – without even knowing it. This also applies to beverages: Especially bought fruit juices have a lot to offer.

Fat burning only starts after 30 minutes, and a diet is always followed by a craving for food – is that right? What about the supposed fitness rules?

Tip 6: Do instead of planning

Many people are looking for the perfect diet, the ideal exercise – and while searching forums for opinions, it’s best not to move yet. Equally difficult: the good intentions. For the New Year, for a birthday, in the spring on the way to a bikini figure … Studies and studies show time and time again that decisions do not last long for most people and are rarely suitable for making long-term changes in a way of life.

The fitness trainer has a tip that is as difficult as it is simple: do not think too much, do not do too much, do not wait too long for a deadline. Better with small steps, but start right away.

Are you still in ‘New Year’s resolutions’ mode, or have they been postponed until next January? Make a small healthy solution RIGHT NOW!

Tip 7: Every body is a little bit different!

You can give a lot of tips, and maybe they are even good for the majority of people – but they do not have to apply to everyone. Every body is a little different, we just can not tolerate some foods, and some sports make us sicker than healthy. The same goes for the time we train – some really get started with morning training, others overwork their circuits in the early hours and thus become quite weak and shaken.

If we really want to achieve versatile well-being and a lifestyle that suits us, we must above all do one thing: get to know ourselves better. Do not see the body as an opponent. It’s a bit of work, of course, but we can only achieve balance if we deal with ourselves and our body and learn to listen to its signals.

Fat burning only starts after 30 minutes, and a diet is always followed by a craving for food: Rule or myth – we clear up misunderstandings here.

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