3G: New Corona rules – What applies now in supermarkets, gyms and restaurants

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The 3G rule applies in Germany: You must comply with this

Corona measures: This is what the 2G (+) and 3G (+) rules mean

Corona measures: This is what the 2G and 3G rules mean

The so-called 3G rule has been in force throughout Germany since August. This is especially true for the unvaccinated. There are now different G models.

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The so-called 3G rule came into force on Monday. You can read an overview of what the measures mean for everyday situations.


  • The 3G rule now applies throughout Germany
  • However, in districts and cities with a corona incidence below 35, it may be suspended
  • What does it mean to go to the gym? And when you shop – or at restaurants? All information about the new Corona rule in an instant

that fourth corona wave is rolled up. RKI and the federal government also agree on the prevalence of the delta variant. To keep them as small as possible, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers at a joint summit in mid-August new rules decided for the fall. This also includes the so-called 3G rule.

The first change took effect Monday. The conference resolution allows for some changes for the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Here you can read what applies to restaurant visits, shopping and the gym from now on and later in the autumn.

3G rule: Vaccination, recovery or testing – you can not do without

Be it a deal with barber or go to the theater. Since Monday (23.08.) Is for everyone interior submission of vaccination, recovery certificate or negative Corona test causes obligation. The smear must not be older than 24 hours if it is an antigen test. PCR tests must not be more than 48 hours old. Read about this: How expensive is a coronate test?

Of 3G rule (Only admission for vaccinated, healthy or tested) is only children up to 6 years and students as well as persons who can not be vaccinated. How long the 3G rule is needed should be checked every four weeks. States can also release them in cities and counties where the incidence is stable below 35.

Corona rules: This should apply in the supermarket

Wearing a doctor protective mask remains mandatory – just like adhering to the minimum distance. Mandatory test for unvaccinated persons Shopping was not provided for in the decision of the federal and state governments.

Gastronomy and hotel industry: nationwide uniform rules

Also for visits to restaurant The 3G rule applies throughout Germany. So it is recommended Vaccination, proof of cure or sample ready at hand or to download the documents directly to your smartphone using an app. It can also be expected that some restaurants will Obligation to reserve introduced to prevent long queues at the entrance. According to the current status, the necessary evidence must be checked there.

The 3G rule is meant to be the same for those on vacation Sleepover applies to hotels, holiday apartments and the like. In addition, overnight guests should be tested twice a week during their stay.

Security in gyms and sports through 3G

Provided Sport in a inner space takes place, the 3G rule should also apply. In many federal states, negative tests or evidence of vaccination must already be presented at a visit to the gym. However, some states such as Bavaria have abolished such rules with the declining numbers in the summer. Now, the Corona rules for sport need to be standardized again at the national level. Also at fitness centre it must be expected that operators demand appointments to master the organizational effort.

Corona rules for hairdressers and other body related services

to physical services just like cutting hair, the 3G rule also applies. Unlike the other areas, however, it is independent of whether the body-related service is perceived indoors or outdoors.

Tests will too condition for access as visitors to hospitals, old age and nursing homes and facilities for the disabled. Participation in indoor events and festivities is also associated with a negative test result or proof of immunity. (Yes)

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