1st place and Bundesliga promotion in sight – but SV Werder Bremen warns!

Werder and the battle for promotion in the 2nd league

Bremen – How fast can it go. Just the disappointment of three draws in a row and not enough points on the credit side, then suddenly the great joy of returning to the top of the table. Mainly because how was really fun. In the end, SV Werder Bremen not only won in FC Schalke 04, but overthrew the former league leader with a full 4-1 (2-0) from the throne. It had stuck. What happened in Gelsenkirchen not only resonated in the immediate vicinity, but also aroused recognition and amazement throughout Germany. With three games left, Werder are again top favorites for promotion, but it is hardly noticeable even after such an achievement. With good reason.

“There is no way we are through,” a defender warned Marco Friedl after the game. “We still have three games where everything is at stake. We have to catch up. There is still a lot to improve. ” That may be true, but at least at Schalke there was not much to see. had in the last few weeks Werder Bremen often had problems in the first half, the negative highlight was the recent home game against 1. FC Nürnberg, where not much was connected and – once again – had to catch up with a deficit. Bremen vowed to get better, and had done so before.

But it happened: nothing. Until now. “In the last few weeks we have talked a lot about how important it is for us to be in the game from the first minute. It was the first point that worked great,” he said. Clemens Fritz, Werder Bremen Head of professional football, Sunday in conversation with DeichStube on. “And the other thing was that we also rewarded ourselves with the opportunities that were created. We were really cold back then. “

Werder Bremen are on the verge of promotion and are ready for “the last step” – but the difficulty of the task is still ubiquitous

In fact, it seemed almost a bit bizarre, which the match report sheet later delivered. The guests were playfully superior on the lawn and in height a well-deserved winner, but still had Schalke in the end with 18 shots on goal even three more than Werder Bremen Delivered. But where things got stuck in the end, all was well now. Unlike against St. Pauli used Ilia Gruev (9th) and Niclas Füllkrug (26th) their chances this time, and on top of that, Marvin Ducksch finished his mini-low despite two more hits on the post and marked his 18th and 19th goals of the season (51). / 53.). ) – personal record for the attacker. And Schalke, who had recently won five times in a row and understandably as the very first challenger to Bundesligareturn used had been abruptly slowed down.

Werder Bremen had delivered when applicable. Once again. “We were actually always there in top games this year,” the coach stressed Ole Werner out. “Nuremberg was something of an exception. But I was not surprised today that we are on fire, that we are playing well.” His eleven have cleared the big bits out of the way this season, but what does that mean? This season has adequately proven that nothing can be planned and points against Holstein Kiel, Erzgebirge Aue and Jahn Regensburg are not gathering in passing.

Werder Bremen: Good starting point in the battle for promotion after victory against Schalke – Niclas Füllkrug demands the same “biliousness” against Kiel

Werder Bremen must therefore continue to deliver – and prevent a leader with a perfect starting position from suddenly having an equally sober setback as that. Schalke have now experienced. main advisor Ole Werner but does not think he should take psychological countermeasures. “I have the feeling that we have always handled the situations well and seriously,” he stressed. “We have to do it again. We also want to take the tailwind of this game with us.”

Anyone who hears his players speak will immediately believe his assessment. Nicla’s filling jug dared to get out of the deck and explain the game Schalke after a “key game”, but he took himself and his colleagues the last meters of the unpredictable ascent race duty immediately: “Now we must prepare for Kiel, show the same bile and greed,” demanded the 29-year-old professional SV Werder Bremen. And storm partner Marvin Ducksch said: “It was a big step. We wanted to go back to them The top of the table and hold it in your own hands. Now we have three games to play, that’s the focus. “

Werder Bremen: Close race in the battle for promotion – but green and white have every chance of returning to the Bundesliga

It would not be surprising if this 2nd division still has a few unexpected twists in store. Also Ole Werner is sure: “So much will happen on match days.” If it’s going well, then come Werder Bremen unharmed thereby. You can celebrate yourself while the competition loses more or less ground. Like the current one FC Schalke 04 or FC St. Pauli and 1. FC Nürnberg. Only 270 minutes plus break time separates Bremen from the fastest possible return in Bundesliga. But maybe there will also be relegation. Or there are none of the parts. But no one at Werder will think that far. It is the starting position too good for. “Everyone knows what a chance we have. Everyone knows how much work we have put into deserving this opportunity, ”Ole Werner emphasized. “We will take the final step.” It will be a step that decides between great joy and even greater disappointment. (mbu)

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