10 yoga poses beginners can use to build strength and flexibility

Yoga was developed in India thousands of years ago and has become more and more popular in the western world over the last few decades. Yoga uses a variety of movements, breathing and meditation exercises to strengthen the body, calm the mind and reduce stress. You do not have to be a professional to benefit from these exercises. A 2015 study of beginning yoga practitioners in Hong Kong showed that one hour a week hatha yoga session for 12 weeks resulted in increased strength and flexibility.

Participation in a yoga class can be performed either in person in a gym, gym or recreation center, or virtually with online videos. To begin with, choose a gentle approach such as restorative yoga and let the instructor know that you are a beginner. This allows him to customize the positions, says Maria Santoferraro, a yoga instructor at several studios in Vermillion, Ohio.

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. Nevertheless, you should talk to your doctor in advance if you are over 65, pregnant or have a previous illness.

Here are ten easy yoga poses for beginners:

10 yoga postures beginners can use to build strength, flexibility and reduce stress

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1. The sacrum

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2. The child’s attitude

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3. The tree

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4. Downward dog

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5th warrior 2

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6. Deep outcome

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7. Seated forward bending

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8. Horizontal Twist Pose

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9. Bro

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10. Legs up against the wall

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