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Winter and Corona – not a good combination to keep the sporty New Year’s resolutions. We have gathered ten sports that keep you in shape and fun at home.

Stuttgart – The year has hardly begun, when the sporty New Year’s resolutions are almost forgotten. Especially in the dark season, it is often difficult to get along. The corona pandemic is not making it any easier either.

We have put together sports that you do not have to go to the front door for – so there are no excuses for them either.

Unite body and mind with yoga

The first home exercise that comes to mind is yoga. Hardly any other sport has become more of a trend in recent years. At the same time, yoga has been taught and practiced for thousands of years. There are now about 130 protected yoga variants. Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa? With the large selection, there is something for every sport.

A guide to yoga is always useful, not just for beginners. There are a number of video tutorials online. A name that probably means something to many: YouTuber Mady Morrison. But some yoga studios also offer their courses online.

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Classic home training

In the gym, motivation comes almost automatically. At home, things are a little different. But sometimes you just do not have time for the gym or you do not want to leave the house again. Pamela Reif, Growingannanas, Tone It Up – there are a number of video tutorials, and not just for yoga. While these do not replace a fitness trainer who is constantly improving you, they still provide the guidance and motivation needed.

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HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training is fast, intense training. As many calories as possible should be burned and muscle built at the same time. The high-intensity phases of training alternate with several resting phases. Oxygen uptake is increased and metabolism is stimulated. According to the study, this training method not only reduces body fat but also improves blood sugar, insulin and blood fat levels. HIIT training and strength training are often combined.

Surf at home – with the balance board

Do you surf at home? It is fine. At least a little. All you need is a so-called balance board and a roller, made of cork, for example. The task is simple and difficult at the same time: the board is placed on the roll and you stand on it. From then on, the board can no longer touch the ground – a full body training, where balance is trained at the same time.

The neighbors are happy: jumping rope

This sport also does not require much: jumping over ropes. The exercises with the rope can be varied, promote endurance and sense of rhythm and are strength training for the whole body. There are also plenty of guides online for this. The professional competitive version of rope skipping is rope skipping – it does not have much to do with rope skipping that you know from childhood memories.


Pilates is a total body workout invented and developed by the German Joseph H. Pilates during World War I. The method was originally intended to speed up the healing process for soldiers in the hospital.

The sport is often mistakenly equated with yoga. Common elements in the two sports are breathing and body awareness. Pilates, however, is a relatively new method where the focus is on building muscle and not on inner calm.

Training with your own body weight: sling training

When it comes to the range of exercise equipment, your home can usually barely keep up with the gym. You do not necessarily need a weight bench for effective training. With a sling trainer, also known as a TRX band, you can use your own weight for the exercises. The sails must be securely attached to the wall or ceiling.

mini band

Similar to sling training, training with the mini belt also depends on your own weight. By stretching the ligaments during an exercise, the effort is increased. The straps are available in different strengths. The tighter the band, the harder the exercise will be. The mini belt is also often used in the aforementioned fitness tutorials.

The hips rotate: hula hoop

Another sport that has been booming for a few years: hula hopping. The first few attempts at the tire may seem a bit cumbersome, but progress can happen quickly. As a piece of fitness equipment, hula hoops are often weighed down. This not only burns calories but also trains the whole body as it is always under tension. Especially the abdominal and back muscles are loaded when the hanger is classically circled around the waist.

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Dance yourself happy

Online dance classes have not only existed since the Corona pandemic. Many dance schools have been offering online courses for some time. The good: You do not need any equipment. Studies such as those of Gunter Kreutz, a music cognition researcher at the University of Oldenburg, have long proven that dance is not only good training for the body but also for the psyche. “Moving to music, whether in dance steps or freely, has a relaxing effect and is good for the soul,” Gunter Kreutz said in an interview with “Spiegel”. In short: dancing makes you happy. So turn up the music and go!

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