Would Leclerc and Sainz just want too much?


Sunday in analysis

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Why was DRS released so late?

All the drivers were already on slicks when race control finally gave the DRS the green light. “I thought it was correct,” Vettel says, however, explaining, “You have no idea what it looks like when you drive along straight, and it comes to such high speeds.”

“Saw the shadows of the trees around it. It’s very difficult to distinguish between dry and wet,” he reports, recalling, “It’s easy to have an accident like George and Valtteri did last year. It would be unnecessary.”

“I do not think you gain anything by doing [DRS] a few laps earlier, “Vettel said.


Alpine: First zero since Austin 2021

For the first time since the double failure in Austin exactly six months ago, the French today were completely without World Cup points. “Fernando was unlucky that Mick spun and hit his right side box,” explains Otmar Szafnauer.

“We can not learn that much from that,” he shrugs. But Ocon was at least able to collect some data. He finished 11th, but subsequently dropped back to P14 due to his penalty.

There were also no points in yesterday’s sprint. A spent weekend.


The complete radio message …

… from Wolff to Hamilton after the race you can listen to it again here.

20.13 kl

Gasly: ​​Nothing worked on the DRS train

Hamilton bit his teeth out on AlphaTauri until the end of the race. The Frenchman explains: “He was stuck behind me, I was stuck behind [Albon] got stuck and that car got stuck again behind the car in front of it. It was just a train. “

It was “pretty frustrating” for everyone. “Even with DRS, we could not get past that,” Gasly shrugs. Therefore, it was also “not so difficult” to keep Hamilton behind.

In the end, the two remained at P12 and P13 without points.


Horner: Tires made the difference

In Melbourne, Ferrari was even faster, in Imola the tide turned. Red Bull team manager Christian Horner attributes this to the tires. Over the weekend, his team simply hit the “work window” better.

“We could see that Charles had a little more trouble with the front tires than we did,” Horner said. As a result, Red Bull had “the upper hand” and was almost never “under too much pressure” from Ferrari.

“After the disappointment in Australia,” said Horner, who even described the result as “one of our best results ever”, Imola was the perfect answer.



My colleague Fischer has just made me aware that I made my calculations without Abu Dhabi in 2014, where there were double points. Some things just get pushed aside quickly …

The second paragraph, of course, is still true.


New points record

Eight points in the sprint, 25 for the victory in the race, another for the fastest lap. 34 points to Verstappen in just one weekend. This is a new record! Never before has a rider scored so many points in just one Grand Prix.

Curious: Verstappen scored more points in just one race than Giuseppe Farina when he won the title in the first Formula 1 season in 1950! A nightmare for any statistician …


Albon satisfied: just missing points

He almost did it again! After finishing in the points from the very back in Melbourne, Albon moved up from P18 to P11 today. “I’m really happy with the result today,” he reveals.

They got “maximum” again – even if it just wasn’t enough for points this time. But you have at least shown again today that you can “fight”.

“All in all, it was another weekend with many positive aspects for the team,” Albon said. Less positive: Because Aston Martin got five points, Williams fell back to last place in the championship.


Ricciardo takes Crash on his cap

We’ve already seen how Ricciardo apologized to Sainz. Now the Australian has also spoken to the media and said: “Of course I am responsible for that.”

He took the curb and then just slid into the back of the Ferrari. However, he does not know if he could have avoided the accident. He has to look at that again.

“Sometimes, if you drive too conservatively, you are even more vulnerable,” he explains. Nevertheless, he apologized to Sainz.


Verstappen defends Leclerc

There is not only criticism of Monegasque. There are constructive words from the Verstappen of all people. “It happens fast,” he says of Leclerc’s mistake and recalls: “He pressed hard to fight ‘Checo’. It hurts, but he knows it himself. He does not need to hear that from anyone here.”

Find out what else Verstappen has to say about the race here!


Bottas: Russell as a special motivation

The Briton pushed Bottas out of the Mercedes cockpit this year. In addition, there was a quarrel between the two in Imola last year. The Finn reveals: “I was not trying to think about it.”

“But Mercedes and George were my motivation throughout the race,” he admits, explaining that he hoped to get by eventually. “I lost about ten seconds during the pit stop,” he reports.

Without this problem, it could have looked “a little different”, says Bottas, who is of course still happy with P5.


Seidl: Podium a confirmation

“I think it’s great that we saw that Melbourne was not a glimpse into the pot,” the McLaren team boss said after Norris’ P3. You were fast in Imola over the weekend “no matter what tire”, Seidl said on ‘Sky’.

“It’s great to see, and it also confirms that the car basically works well and has a good foundation,” he says happily, explaining: “Now let’s just see that we can bring even more performance to the car in the coming weeks. and months. “

Because despite P3 today, you still want “more”, emphasizes Seidl. “We want to be closer to the two top cars,” he clarifies, emphasizing: “A day like today is obviously a great motivation for it.”


Rosberg on Leclerc: “Must not happen”

The German knows from personal experience how great the pressure is in a World Cup match. Speaking of ‘Sky’, he says of Leclerc’s spin: “It can not happen. If you [um] If you’re fighting Verstappen for a world championship, you can not just turn away that way. “

Particularly unfortunate was the fact that he “had no pressure from behind at all”. “The pressure was just a little bit forward. Charles wanted to overtake Perez. But that must not happen,” the 2016 world champion emphasizes.

In the World Cup, Leclerc is now only 27 points ahead of Verstappen.


The most important thing on Sunday …

… of course we have summed it up again today in a compact series of pictures. Click on!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Imola: The most important thing on Sunday


Schumacher: Run the race early after spin

“Probably just a mix,” he replies to Sky when asked if his spin was due to the conditions right at the start, or because the car was difficult to drive.

It was “simply hard on the wet grass”. “I thought I could control it,” he says. However, he did not succeed – so his race was almost over.

“It’s just a track where nothing works without DRS,” he shrugs. Was then again nothing with the first points.

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