WORLD FITNESS EXPERIENCE premieres in August 2022

SHINE Conventions GmbH, in collaboration with SportsConnected GmbH and Messe Essen, is organizing an innovative industrial event from 13 to 14 August 2022, which aims to set new standards. Find out below what event highlights the premiere of the WORLD FITNESS EXPERIENCE (WFX) has in store.

Sport makes you happy: It first edition that World Fitness Experience (WFX) shows how it is done. WFX, that’s it new adventure event for fitness in all its facets.

From 13 to 14 August 2022 Meeting place for all sports and fitness enthusiasts great premiere.

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Live training, entertainment, convention: Messe Essen turns all this into one in two days interactive sports field. Visitors meet experts. Brands on influencers.

Together they dive into latest trends one. The focus is on trying things out. Finally: Being active strengthens your body awareness. Feelings of happiness included.

WFX is included more than a fair. WFX is a lifestyle!

Brands and products as an experience

This is what SHINE Conventions GmbH stands for as a subsidiary of Social Chain AG. The specialists in fire messages present this together most important event in the sports calendar. WFX goes on unique live experiences in focus: for one new understanding of fitness. And above all: a new social relevance of sports and fitness.

Georg Kofler, major shareholder and CEO of Social Chain AG, explains: “For me, physical fitness also means mental fitness. The pandemic has hit the industry hard. Right now, it’s important to have one convey a positive attitude towards life. “

“With World Fitness Experience, we create one Event that inspires, entertains and Having fun with fitness and health«Continued the expert.

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When strategic partner became Ralph Scholz won. The managing partner of SportsConnected GmbH is considered to be one of the most experienced industrial personalities in the German-speaking world. “At practice reach new audiences – that is the goal of the World Fitness Experience, ”says Scholz and explains the ambitions.

“Together, we help to emphasize the health and social significance of the sport. With GLOW Convention, SHINE Conventions has already impressively demonstrated how B2C events should be designed in the age of social media to To get people to participate enthusiastically“, Scholz continued.

Fitness for everyone – more than just an event motto

Together, SHINE and Ralph Scholz stand for one innovative convention concept. It is shown industry diversity. Sport is more than achievement. Rather a matter of the heart.

For Maiko Heinrich, CEO of SHINE Conventions GmbH, WFX an important signal: “Our program differs from other conventions in a special way: We think
health holistic
– regardless of fitness level or body type. “

“We focus on all areas of the industry: From strength to endurance to mindfulness – here is the right training for everyone. It is important to us that we enjoy discovering new things. That is what we stand for “fitness for everyone” said Henry.

Fitness in a nutshell event covers many facets

WFX stirs down three program columns in two halls. Interactive challenges is in the foreground.

Whether alone, with friends or with the sports team: ‘Live Fitness’ calls for participation. The extra entertainment area connects Exhibitors with fitness stars and influencers.

IN Conversations and coaching visitors learn more about Topics such as motivation and body positivity.

Hall 2 moves health and lifestyle in the foreground: product presentations about mindfulness, nutrition, sports fashion or e-sports new perspectives.

Concentrated power: WFX & GLOW Convention by dm

In parallel with the event, the organizers are carrying for the 13th time ‘GLOW of dm’ out of. One is planned attractive combination ticket offers to attend both events that visitors receive on site.

With it Synergies between the events and used by their target audiences.

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