Work out at home as in the gym

freeletics announced a further development of their products at the Web Summit in Lisbon, with which they want to expand their global dominance in the booming market for fitness apps. In the first quarter of next year, the Munich-based company announced the market launch of weight training based on artificial intelligence, which unlike all previous programs that did not require any equipment, is aimed at athletes who are neither members of a club nor a gym strive to get their bodies in shape.

The development of the necessary training equipment under the name “Freeletics Stadium”, which goes on sale this Thursday, is a reaction to the experiences during the pandemic and similar feedback from users, which was included in a survey of their favorite habits in the home gym has been asked . According to Freeletics, the customer base currently includes 53 million followers, who can either choose the free basic program or the more comprehensive versions available as a subscription. At the beginning of 2020, there were 40 million users, and the Munich-based company is setting standards in the industry with its growth rates.

Make training a breeze

It all started in 2013, initiated by the idea of ​​the three founders Andrej Matijczak, Mehmet Yilmaz and Joshua Cornelis, who studied various subjects at Ludwig-Maximilians University, met through common sports interests and launched the project. You have now pulled out of the previous startup and sold all your shares. Instead, US investors Fitlab, Causeway Media Partners and Jazz Venture Partners stepped in and helped accelerate the $ 45 million in financing expansion.

Meanwhile, Freeletics sees itself as an “adult”, as a spokesman confirmed to FAZ that they have grown from their childhood. At the location in Munich, from where all international activities are controlled, 165 employees from almost forty nations are employed. Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freeletics, said Freeletics’ primary goal is to contribute to the “holistic fitness lifestyle” that is particularly popular with digitally savvy athletes. In recent years, the fitness industry has often been concerned with how to build as many muscles as quickly as possible, or how to get a beach body. Such goals are too short-sighted. “

Freeletics users can connect with each other via social media to complete training and build strength, fitness and endurance. In addition, applications dealing with mental health and healthy nutrition have recently been added. The business developed disproportionately during the Corona crisis. This course will be continued with the new “smart” dumbbells, which, like a storage bench and a console, are part of the “Staedium” package.

The equipment, where a weight between two and 24 kilos can be set at the touch of a button, should make whole-body training more varied. Bar codes in the weight plates track the movement, where all relevant muscle groups are scanned from the shoulders, through the hips to the feet. It will be possible to compete in game form against other users via a camera that is part of the equipment and that can be connected to a screen connected to the Internet. “We want to make a play out of training with our new offerings and bring a greater entertainment factor into weight training,” the spokesman said.

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