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CELL. Nadine-Vivan Campbell is a dancer and dance teacher at Tanzakademie Bodytalk. Knowing that physical exercise can keep the body in shape, she asked herself if exercising the face can also improve the muscles and thus the appearance. In an interview, she tells her path to Face Yoga and the effect it had on her face and her life.

Nadine-Vivian Campbell reports that she had droopy eyelids, and no matter what cosmetics she used, she often seemed tired. As a dancer, a successful performance is important to her, and she is aware of how important the muscles are for body movement and tightness. When she heard about Face Yoga a few years ago, she was too busy with the muscles in her face. 70 facial muscles are located in the flat muscle tissue connected to the skin, of which 70% is used daily in Europe. There are yoga exercises for 50 muscles in the face that would lead to a balanced face.

First own Face Yoga experiences gained

One of my friends, a physiotherapist and osteopath, confirmed that Face Yoga could actually work. Then she would have attended such a yoga training for the first time. Already after 3 days of regular yoga training on her face, her eyelids pulled up. Another 14 days and her face seemed much fresher for good friends. When she later received serious compliments from acquaintances she had not seen for a long time, it gave her confidence a boost. Not that it was missing. But she has acknowledged that cosmetics, which have been used a lot so far, have lost their significance for her.

The desire to pass on your own experiences

At that point, she decided that other people should have the same experience. The experience of consciously perceiving your own face and modeling it gently and naturally through muscle training. That’s why Nadine-Vivian Campbell trained as a facial yoga teacher in the United States for 6 months from founder Fumiko Takatsu (Japanese). With facial yoga, muscle tension that would lead to teething, migraines, and neck tension could be triggered. Many health problems can be solved gently and naturally. Not to mention that with the muscle training in the face, small wrinkles disappear and the face gets a healthier look. Giving up cosmetic treatments would also in the future relieve the wallet. Individual exercises can be selected from a selection of up to 70 exercises, with an exercise lasting about 30 seconds. In a separate workout, 3-4 individual exercises a day, which are tailored to your own face, are enough.

More awareness of your own face

It’s sad to see how girls in particular are often persuaded by industry and society to make themselves beautiful. Inner beauty and health are often neglected. Every day, women and girls stand in front of the mirror to dress up. Many would also lose faith in their own inner beauty. Completely different with facial yoga. An awareness of one’s own face and body would arise. This awareness and the actual work of the facial muscles created a radiance that cosmetics cannot match. Especially since many cosmetic articles have a very high water content of 70% and only 30% would make up the cream itself. “It’s time for women to free themselves from external influences and limitations and to reconnect with themselves!” said Nadine-Vivan Campbell and is pleased to invite women to do so.

Sustainable for a fresh facial expression

With sustainable facial yoga, women would stay healthy and regain new elasticity in their face. The skin is tightened in a healthy way and the face gets more expression. Face Yoga is a combination of movements for the body and the facial muscles. It creates a new awareness of facial expressions, relaxes the muscles and thus ensures a tighter, more defined look. If you are interested, please feel free to email Nadine-Vivan Campbell at [email protected] and sign up for one of her courses. Information can also be found and appointments booked on the website https://www.faceyoga-germany.de. Those interested can watch some exercises in advance on YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1T8FvJbZnIcXDrnRnrStiw

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