What will become of our child?

Iit is a well-known problem. Well, not necessarily a problem. More of a question: What would become of our child, our grandson, our grandson in these difficult times? Important for mother, father, grandmother, grandfather: Just do not put too much pressure on the child. But certain minimum requirements are of course desirable.

A Ph.D. in Oxford, for example, a Nobel Prize would not be bad either, maybe peace, but physics would be even better. The UN Secretary-General would be enough. As I said, do not put too much pressure on the kids. Career or not, they should have fun in life.

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But it’s always a thing of career desires. Most do not succeed anyway, and the best jobs are still long-term. IOC president, for example, mafia boss, daughter of the oligarch, just to name three. As you can see, planning the professional future for the next generation is not that easy.

Sometimes you think, okay, if none of that works, sports influencers might as well. Say advertising root. Is right in the trend. But a while ago I read a sentence by the honorable Sophia Thomalla in FAS, which made good sense to me: Influencers, as I understood them, are a synonym for scroungers, because if you can do absolutely nothing, it is certainly overqualified for you an influencer job.

It made sense to me, because when I hold up a sneaker that I had been given and said it’s the new Force GTSI2 from AdidasNikePuma, and it’s sooo cool and colorful and totally crass, you probably do not need a research scholarship at Yale before that. in the end, the coal is still right, which is the deciding factor.

Another planning question that is hardly less important than the professional one is: what kind of sport should the children play? If they want to win Olympic medals, they must, of course, go tobogganing, dressage or bobsledding. But who would you expect from your own family? Not me. So another solution must be found. The brother-in-law is in favor of tennis. For him a fascinating sport plus an integrated school in life.

However, the son urgently wants to protect his little daughter from the felt ball. He thinks tennis is the very best sport, but only if one wants to promote selfishness and self-interest. He is in favor of basketball. team sport. socializing. Such things. Or for Far Eastern martial arts. mastery of mind and body. Not bad either. Well, let’s just see how things develop with the kids. The most important thing, as I said, is not to put so much pressure on them.

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