What studies are there and what do they offer?

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These yoga studies are in Bonn

Yoga is said to bring body and mind in harmony and has been a trend for a long time. We present what yoga studies exist in Bonn and what sets them apart.

If you want to do yoga in Bonn, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right studio. We have put together a selection for you:

The Bonn Yoga Center was founded by Giovanna Schender more than 25 years ago and is now run by her along with Roland Heck as the oldest existing yoga school in Bonn and the surrounding area. In addition to the classic courses and seminars in the yoga center, online courses and business yoga are also offered. Outdoor courses should also take place again as soon as temperatures allow.

The events in the yoga center are a special feature: The offer ranges from weekend seminars in the monastery to a yoga retreat in Tuscany to a joint one-week yoga holiday in Portugal.

The yoga center offers courses with different levels of difficulty (levels 1 to 3) from Monday to Saturday.

Costs: Test hour (90 minutes): 15 euros, lesson (90 minutes): 20 euros

Online courses: 2 course hours: 39 euros, 5 course hours: 85 euros, 10 course hours: 169 euros

address: Remigiusstrasse 1, 53111 Bonn

Contact: 0228 637093; [email protected]; www.yogabonn.de

Vinyasa People is an international yoga studio in the heart of Bonn, which welcomes everyone and offers courses in different styles in German and English. The young team consists of 23 yoga teachers. In addition to various workshops, pregnancy yoga, fascia masterclass or an informative nutritional conversation with the doctor and yoga teacher Leni Scherer are offered.

Costs: Trial: ten euros, ticket for ten: 130 euros (for students 100 euros)

address: Kaiserstrasse 1a, 53113 Bonn

Contact: 0228 18030024; [email protected]; www.thevinyasapeople.com

This yoga studio owes its extraordinary name to its founder Annalena van Beek, who combines longevity, security, wisdom and well-being with yoga; all properties to which also the sequoia. “Redwood”, stands symbolically.

The courses are offered online all week, face to face or outdoors in good weather and include Vinyasa or Hatha yoga as well as a total of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. If you are interested in workshops, you can, for example, book chakra healing (35 euros) or a principal workshop (39 euros).

Costs: Trial: ten euros, lesson: 18 euros, ticket for ten: 155 euros

address: Acherstrasse 26-28, 53111 Bonn

Contact: 0152 0468 0016; [email protected]; www.redwoodyoga.de

Savasana Yogastudio is run by former competition athlete Juliane Langer, who teaches Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga both in person and online or in Plittersdorfer Park.

Costs: Online course: 13 euros, private lesson (60 minutes): 80 euros

address: flexible locations in Bonn

Contact: [email protected], www.savasana-yoga.de

If you like it a little more individually, Mie-Sook Mahlberg is the right address. In addition to professional yoga, the yoga teacher specializes in personal training and offers yoga classes in Bonn and Cologne. After doing a needs analysis, a yoga program is created tailored to individual needs. Above all, the personal trainer wants to strengthen flexibility and body awareness, which is why she describes her yoga style as “intensive”.

Costs: Trial: 50 euros, lesson: 120 euros, ticket for ten: 1,100 euros

address: Wilhelm-Mauser-Str.49 c, 50872 Cologne or flexible locations in Bonn

Contact: 0176 3261 4054; [email protected]; www.personal-yoga-coach.de

Studio 52 consists of a team of 17 yoga teachers plus representatives who together offer a wide range of courses and workshops. In addition to Anusara and Yin Yoga, postnatal rehabilitation courses are offered, and online and business yoga should not be missing from the program here either. Studio 52 also offers yoga tours.

Costs: Trial lesson: 12 euros, lesson: 18 euros, ticket for 10: 155 euros

address: Lennestr. 52, 53113 Bonn

Contact: 0228 41027676; [email protected]; www.studio-52.de

Ashtanga Yoga Studio is located in the south of Bonn and is run by the former professional dancer and current naturopath and yoga teacher Agnieszka Samuel-Wiesemann. Ashtanga Yoga is said to be good for body and mind and to provide relief in case of physical ailments. Among other things, it is characterized by the Vinyasa system, which combines the individual exercises into a dynamic sequence through movements synchronized with the breathing.

Costs: lesson: 17 euros, personal training (60 or 90 minutes): 60 or 90 euros

address: Bachstrasse 28, 53115 Bonn

Contact: 02241 232 7104; 0163 8482 824; [email protected]; www.ashtangayogabonn-hp.de

In addition, GA readers recommend the following yoga studies:

address: Kaiserplatz 20, 53113 Bonn

Contact: grenzenlos-yoga.de

Address: Kreuzstrasse 16, 53225 Bonn

website: starpilates-staryoga.com

Address: Sebastianstrasse 185 (courtyard), 53115 Bonn or Theaterplatz 3, 53177 Bonn

website: pilatesyogabonn.de

This is a list of yoga studies in Bonn that do not claim to be complete or would have followed objective criteria. It’s not a location either. The order is arbitrary. Is a study missing from the list? Please send us an email to [email protected]


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