What does this mean for the FitnessConnected trade fair in Munich?

“IN current situation of the fourth corona wave, it is understandable if visitor or people planning a visit to FitnessConnected, are uncertain‘says FitnessConnected CEO Ralph Scholz.

However, he and the organization team had a scenario with increasing incidence values ​​from the start pandemic-compatible event concept taken into account. (Also read: ‘Green light for fitness fair’)

that organizer ‘FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO network’ has therefore had a lot in recent months spent a lot of time on itdeal with the most diverse Discuss scenarios and develop similar concepts.

Maximum security

Ralph Scholz explains: “Med many interlocking hygiene building blocks we can give visitors and exhibitors maximum security so they can experience live contacts and innovations even in times like these. ”

When planning tail design ‘Reserve areas’ planned. This makes it possible to expand catering and meeting zones. These areas are now activated. This allows exhibitors to leave the booth with their visitors for conversations and thus ensure social distancing.

“We offer a focused event with the highest quality standards for B2B business. We can run FitnessConnected reliably.”

Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected

To minimize additional risks, you now offer as part of the pandemic concept more services on. The same goes for the fitness fair principleswhich experience has shown in the previous waves biggest advantage has generated: Distance – hygiene – FFP2 masks – test.

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It should also be ensured that the hygiene recommendations can be complied with at any time and anywhere: Therefore, all meeting areas additional Dispenser for disinfectant Setup.

FFP2 mask requirements for visitors and exhibitors

The 2G rule and an FFP2 mask requirement apply to both visitors and exhibitors. So there is one Maximum protection against infection guaranteed.

It can happen, of course FFP2 masks get lost or tear. Here, too, appropriate precautions were taken: These are that all participants always have a functional FFP2 mask available also available on site.

In addition, the organizers recommend that all visitors and exhibitors an AntiGen self-test before traveling to the fair to perform.

Remain reliable, act rationally

With the decision to hold the fair as planned, FitnessConnected sends a clear signal: With appropriate preparations, it is possible to hold a fair even in times of a pandemic – just as it is possible to run a gym safely even in Corona times.

“In the coming months or maybe years, we need to learn to live with Corona and its consequences. And it would be best for us to start right away.”

Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected

ONE another lockdownwhether required by the authorities or on a voluntary basis, would be fatalScholz is sure of that: “Of course, we’ve also considered canceling FitnessConnected in the last few days.”

After careful consideration, however, it was found out exactly the wrong signal would be not to hold the fair.

Background: Since November 9, 2021, the hospital’s traffic lights in Bavaria have been red, which means that FitnessConnected during 2G conditions should take place. It means: Access to the fair only have Individuals who provide evidence of full corona vaccination or cure.

More details about applicable rules and regulations read our ‘Corona update’ and the overview ‘Corona rules in the gym’ with the federal states’ Corona rules.

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