Werder Bremen: Super victory at Schalke! SVW coach with promotion announcement!

Gelsenkirchen – Leonardo Bittencourt jumped towards the away block, his teammates hugged each other and celebrated as loud as the almost 7,000 SV Werder Bremen fans who had traveled with them. And even Ole Werner, who otherwise rarely gets emotionally out of the saddle even after a match, no matter how exciting it is, said with a smile and looked at himself and his coaching staff: “We like to drink a beer together, when we have won. a game. We will definitely do that on the way home. ” So something very special must have happened. And that’s it. With a full 4: 1 (2: 0), the green-whites not only drove over FC Schalke 04, but also regained the top of the table. With three games left, Bremen has a perfect starting position in the promotion race.

And it was perfect too Werder Bremen Start in this top game. After all the changes in defense, it really would not have been surprising if the team had played it safe first. But the opposite was the case. Niclas Füllkrug was sent off in the very first minute – and even though he did not put the ball in goal and still was just offside, this action gave a taste of what Bremen was up against in the next 90 minutes. Schalke 04 must show. The guests became dangerous again and again and this time also proved the desired efficiency, which had been lacking more often lately. After a short tussle with the defender, Mitchell Weiser finally tucked the ball home. Ilia Gruev spot on and headed in from a few yards to his first professional goal and the lead (9th).

Werder Bremen beat Schalke 04 despite defensive concerns: “It is a sign of mental strength”

And because the standard pattern had worked so well, Ducksch and Weiser went into action again after 26 minutes, but this time the latter crossed fantastically to the head of Füllkrug. The result was the same: a goal for Werder Bremen. Horrified glances on the Schalke side, while the green-whites on the bench celebrated especially goalkeeping coach Christian Vander. He is responsible for the standards together with chief analyst Sören Quittkat and had prepared the variants in advance. Werder led. In the first half. Even clear. It had not happened in a long time.

And always in the back of my mind: these unfavorable warnings in the defense. “It’s a sign of mental strength,” he praised Ole Werner its players. “Now there was a little personal unrest again this week, you always have to find yourself first.” And also Clemens Fritz, head of professional football at. SV Werder Bremen, was thrilled. “We were really good in the match from the first minute. That was what we set out to do,” he said on the “Sky” microphone. “We knew we wanted a top performance here Schalke needs – and the boys delivered it. ”

Werder Bremen vs. Schalke 04: Marvin Ducksch first unlucky, then the famous hero in the top flight

What was impressive about that Saturday afternoon was that they just did not give up either. Much had been said in advance about the strong Schalke strikers Simon Terodde and Marius Bülter, but Werder Bremen managed that this duo hardly evolved. And with that, the latest impressive five-win series for the Gelsenkirchen team ended with a bang. A Terodde shot across the box was the hosts ‘most dangerous action in a long time (21’). Instead, Bremen’s offensive team turned up the heat. But Marvin Ducksch luck was also lacking this time for a long time.

First the post was in the way (28 ‘), then a lob landed next to the goal (42’), before shortly after the break after a direct free kick only the aluminum swung again (48 ‘). But just as Bremen’s top scorer was preparing to be unlucky again, he became a celebrated hero. And twice. First he scored after the assist from a filling jug (51st), then almost 120 seconds later with a deflected shot. Stadium off FC Schalke 04 suddenly became quiet – almost. Of the more than 62,000 spectators, only the guest appendix cheered and sang for a short time SV Werder Bremen. The game was settled. Early – and in a very impressive way. It did not change a late Terodde goal on (88 ‘).

Werder Bremen win against Schalke 04: Ole Werner does not say “promotion”, but will be first

Werder Bremen was left by top of the table. With the right signal to competitors. The word “increase‘Ole Werner still did not put it in his mouth, but he made it unmistakably clear:’ We will no longer give up the position we have. ‘ In other words: it should be the first place in the end, only the second place in the worst cases and the unloved relegation place three preferably not at all. And between the lines, it was also clear to hear that the 33-year-old – contrary to what was often emphasized in the past – knows very well which constellations in table to rule.

For he now said: “If you want to figure it out, you can not celebrate after Kiel.” And he was right about that, because promotion could be a week later at the earliest and not after the home game in SV Werder Bremen next Friday against Werner’s ex-club (18.30). The starting point for this is perfect. “It was a huge step today, but the next step is Kiel,” he stressed Ole Werner. Just do not rush with anything. You can also celebrate later. Shortly after, he disappeared into the team bus anyway. Finally, a small party beer was waiting for him and his coaching staff there. (mbu)

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