Volunteers are wanted for a fitness campaign / model project for several fitness starters

German University of Prevention and Health Management

Saarbrücken (ots)

Saarland’s Ministry of Health in collaboration with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) as project manager and the Association for Prevention and Health in Saarland (PuGiS) f. V. launched the “Fitmach campaign: fit & healthy in Saarland” as a project partner. Using the network of fitness and health studios in the region, this Saarland pilot project aims to motivate people to exercise regularly and get them excited about it in the long run. A total of 1,000 test subjects are being sought who will complete an eight-week, individually tailored training plan with needs-based support in one of the participating fitness and health facilities in their area free of charge. The purpose is to document and analyze the extent to which the subjects were able to integrate regular training into their daily lives during these eight weeks and beyond. It is now possible to register for the model project as a test person.

“Due to the corona pandemic, many people were no longer able to continue their regular training in fitness and health facilities or even lost the motivation for physical activity. However, the effect of the resulting lack of exercise on our health is often underestimated. . ” said Health Minister Monika Bachmann. “People who do not exercise enough risk gaining weight or losing muscle mass in the short term. In the long term, the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular disease or cancer increases,” adds Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, Vice-Chancellor University Development and Transfer at DHfPG and specialist in orthopedics as well as in physical and rehabilitative medicine, additional qualification “Sports Medicine”. “With the ‘Fitmach campaign’, we want to work with our partners to ensure more exercise and health in the Saarland’s population in the long term.”

As part of the model project, all test subjects receive a free eight-week training plan, which is adapted to individual goals and health requirements and follows exercise recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). Throughout the duration of the project, the test subjects complete the training free of charge in one of the participating fitness and health studies in the region. There, they are supported by the on-site fitness specialists as needed.

Before starting, the fitness specialists record the test subjects’ current training frequency in an initial discussion. Halfway and at the end of the eight weeks, and some time after the end of the project, they use questionnaires to document how often the subjects have completed and continue to complete the training. The data is collected anonymously, evaluated and finally published in the form of a results report after the end of the “fitness campaign”. The purpose is to find out to what extent the subjects were able to complete the training plan and comply with the WHO movement’s recommendations beyond the project period. The goal is to motivate people to exercise regularly and inspire them to do so in the long run.

Anyone who currently does not exercise at all, little or irregularly, can participate in the model project. Registration is possible in the participating fitness and health facilities. A list of all the Saarland plants participating in the “Fitmach campaign” and further information about the model project can be found at www.fitmach-aktion.de.

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