Tommy Le Pongsagorn is an anvil again –

Shortly before the start of the season in Oberliga NRW, AFC Remscheid Amboss can welcome a returnee in their own ranks. Tommy Le Pongsagorn returns to the post after a detour to the Solingen Paladins and Lisboa Lions from Portugal and strengthens the attack by head coach and offensive coordinator Paolo Bizzarri.

Le Pongsagorn went through the youth of the anvil, but due to the Corona-related break during the GFL leagues, he decided to switch to the Paladins in GFL2. “I decided to start again at the anvil to find my way back to the sport after an injury that forced me to end my involvement in Portugal early and gain more experience against older opponents,” Le Pongsagorn said of his comeback on the anvil shirt.

The 19-year-old, with his 100 kilos, spread over 1.88 meters tall, is to be used in the tight end position, but he can also be used as a wide receiver. Le Pongsagorn is one of the greatest football talents from the Amboss forge and has already made contacts in the German football league, which is why he will probably not be available for Amboss all season. Le Pongsagorn wants to complete an apprenticeship as an IT systems electronics engineer in Ravensburg from August and plans to switch to Razorbacks in the GFL along with his move.

But so far, only the anvil counts. In addition to the returning Christoph Henkel, who for a long time was Amboss’ number one receiver, but who took a two-year break due to his job, quarterback Tom Schröder is also available on the pitch as well as David Engelmann and the 2021 receiver. leads Michael Schönen as delivery stations through the air – and now Le Pongsagorn, who is the other tight end in the row along with Marlon Moretti.

Le Pongsagorn is not the only new addition to the ranks of the anvil. Linebacker Leon Jäger also decided to return after also opting for the Paladins from Ambos’ youth. Meanwhile, defensive lineman Steven Rhanes of the Wuppertal Greyhounds has ended up in Remscheid. There is also the defensive back David Nigbur, who has experience with Leverkusen Tornados and Langenfeld Longhorns, and the offensive line player Pascal Tillmanns, most recently Neuss Gladiators. Also new is Can Ünsal (linebacker) from their own U19 and newcomers Steffen Marzinkewitsch and Daniel Schmidt. Marzinkewitsch has a kickboxing background and is expected to gain experience as a defensive back, while Schmidt comes from water polo and is scheduled to play on the defensive line.

Unfortunately, the anvil must also report departure. Especially the end of linebacker Marc Schnabl’s career due to injury hurts the anvil. Schnabl, one of the leading players in recent years, remains at the club as a coach. The same goes for defensive lineman Sven Engelmann, who also had to end his career due to an injury and is now part of Bizzarri’s coaching staff. Nick Zimmermann, who is taking a break, is missing the anvil on several levels. The defensive back has also been an important special team in recent years as a kicker and punter. Unforgettable was his field goal from 53 yards against the Munster Blackhawks last year.

It is also always an honor when anvil players have been able to praise themselves for higher. Although their departure is particularly painful, the club welcomes the fact that defensive tackle Mike Jesinghaus will strengthen the Paladins’ GFL2 team with his anvil experience in the future. Meanwhile, nose tackle Marvin Schatz has ended up in the GFL with Cologne Crocodiles. In addition, Bizzarri will have to do without the offensive line players Patrick Suchy (OP) and Justin Bürger (Studie) in 2022, while defender Amit Geiler has ended his career.

Bizzarri has a total of 42 players available in his first season as Anvil’s head coach. The predominantly young squad would like to assert themselves in the Oberliga and fight for a secure place in the middle of the league behind the favorites Krefeld Ravens and Wuppertal Greyhounds. The season starts with two matches already this weekend, Amboss will first get a guest appearance with Wuppertal Greyhounds on April 30 before the home match starts on May 7 against Münster Mammuts.

Source: Remscheid anvil – Markus Schulz
Photos: © CEPD Sports

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