These are the fitness trends for 2022

Updated: 18/04/2022 – 10:45

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These are the fitness trends for 2022

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Which fitness trends are popular in 2022? You can find out here.

Many people start the spring with the intention of “throwing away the pounds.” IMTEST reveals the types of sports, gadgets and fitness aids that are popular.

What, the first quarter is already over …? The short days are over, the temperatures rise again and the sun shows up too. Now it’s time again: Get up off the couch, get out into nature and enjoy the sun. And get rid of winter grease. In addition to classics like jogging or the gym, it is Fitness Trends 2022 interesting options. More than ever, the focus is on fun and mindfulness. Modern smartwatches and fitness trackers also help track progress.

In times of pandemic, more and more people are staying in shape at home. At the same time, the virtual supply is growing. Many gyms and personal trainers now offer online courses – live or as recordings. Again this year, this type of home fitness will probably be the best solution for many. But virtual fitness is also in demand outside the courses. For example, in the form of Nintendo’s popular “Ring Fit Adventure”. A game where you only move on by performing exercises such as squats, leg lifts or yoga poses. But sports gadgets without WiFi, television or consoles are also in demand. Here is one of the fitness trends 2022 hula hoop. Already last year, many had their hips rotated at home just like in the 90s. There are now a large number of different models – with extra weights or massage padding. If you need suggestions for exercises, you will find a lot of instructions on YouTube, for example. Ideal conditions to start “hulls” this year.

Indoor cycling: cycling at home

Spinning bikes should be familiar to most people. The machines have been in gyms for a long time, and they can also be found here and there as home trainers. But indoor cycling is now experiencing a renaissance and moving back into focus for people willing to exercise. Reason: technical development and smart marketing of the currently most popular manufacturer Peloton. They offer high-quality devices for the home, which ensure a holistic fitness experience with a large screen and many connectivity options. There are a number of different classes and trainings, live or on-demand. The apparatus accompanies athletes and provides a lot of motivation. In addition to cycling, there are also courses for other sports such as yoga via Peloton membership.

HILIT: new workouts for beginners

In recent years, HIIT, “High Intensity Interval Training” (German: High Intensity Interval Training) was announced. As the name suggests, this form of exercise is very demanding. It involves alternating between hard work and recovery with different exercises. However, this can be overwhelming for beginners. That’s why HILIT, “High Intensity Low Impact Training”, is now popular. Here, athletes combine intensive cardio exercises with elements of yoga, pilates or gymnastics.

Healthy hedonism: The most important thing is to have fun

2022 is not just about efficiency and achieving goals: the key word is healthy hedonism (loosely translated “healthy pleasure”). Behind it is the attitude that what you do, above all, should give you joy. Brush to reach the goal and phrases like “If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer” do not fit here. The point here is to pay attention to the form of the day, the current state of health and urgent needs. Switching sports is also not taboo if it is more fun. All this without a guilty conscience.

mental fitness and health

In line with Healthy Hedonism, mental fitness and health are also at the top of the list of fitness trends for 2022. Again, the pandemic is helping more and more people become concerned about their mental well-being. In line with this, the company MindLabs will soon release an app to strengthen mental health. It includes various courses where neurologists, psychologists and therapists offer tips and exercises for any situation in life. Topics include stress, anxiety, loneliness and sleep. On the other hand, there is a gadget to get you started in the meditation world: The Muse 2. headband is equipped with EEG sensors and gives users audio feedback on how active their thoughts are during a meditation exercise. This especially helps beginners develop a sense of mediation.

2022 strengthens body and mind

Whether it’s a powerful workout like HILIT, cycling with a peloton or swinging a hula hoop: the fitness trends for 2022 should have something for everyone.

You can find more exciting trends and product comparisons on the IMTEST consumer magazine page.

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