The rainy day Sunday night football

For some, the current NFL game day was a day to forget, for others it was a good reason to celebrate. Wherever the emotional world lies, our match day summary “Cover Them All” stops at every NFL room upstairs. The rainy day at Sunday Night Football between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers will not be the most beautiful game in NFL history, but it clearly places a team on the rise. In addition, Tom Brady hits the 600 touchdown passes for his career, the Bengals scare the Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs are now running their offensive to the wall in Tennessee!

Smoking guns leave the San Francisco 49ers out in the rain

“It’s never raining in Southern California” … yes, San Francisco is also located in the northern part of the western part of the state and therefore Sunday Night Football, unlike the old Albert Hammond hit, was allowed to rain in buckets all night. It always gives an NFL football game a certain rustic feel that both teams certainly would have liked to have dispensed with. The San Francisco 49ers in particular, who suffered another bitter home defeat and were shaken by injuries, are once again looking at a rather mediocre future. This time, there was not even a glimpse of tomorrow without the injured rookie Trey Lance, Trent Williams also had to sit outside, and the fact that George Kittle was still not in shape on “National Tight End Day” made the seven days of rain perfect .

For the Indianapolis Colts, on the other hand, the weather forecast is getting more and more sunny, though a few clouds from time to time can ruin the joy. Jonathan Taylor’s running game (5.9 yards per carry) worked well and is natural for a game of this kind, even though the star-back fumbled like 37 other players felt in the game. Carson Wentz has received a lot of criticism this year, and his 150 passing yards against the Niners does not make anyone in Canton nervous. However, the fact that he led his team to victory in such a tough away game due to the weather and played three touchdowns should give the Colts a little courage in the coming weeks after three wins from four games. San Francisco, on the other hand, have to wait for their first home win since October last year after their fourth bankruptcy in a row.

“Matty Ice” very cool with the Miami Dolphins

In recent years, and when NFL commentators have felt paid to mention his nickname, the narrative of Matt “Matty Ice” Ryan and his icy carriages in crunchy times has sometimes been a bit on the high side. Until he then delivers just the same icy game winning drive. Support this time came from rookie tight-end monster Kyle Pitts (seven catches, 163 receiving yards) and kicker Younghoe Koe via a crucial kick. The victims were the Miami Dolphins, for whom the next home bankruptcy and more question marks need to be digested. Tua Tagovailoa may have had his best professional game over a period of time, but his two turnovers deep in the Atlanta half were also absolute breakers. Of course, in addition to what felt like twenty others pinched nerves in the dolphins’ backs.

Zach Wilson was injured in green disgrace in New England

Everyone admits that the New York all-rookie ensemble of the same color is a little green behind the ears this NFL season. After six games this season, however, it should give Robert Saleh something to think about if he had still not scored any points in the first quarter, even after a week-long goodbye. Overall, the team came out of the locker room as if they had been told yesterday that American football even existed. The last nail in the coffin for Jets fans this afternoon is rookie Zach Wilson’s perhaps serious knee injury, which suddenly put an entire season in limbo. For New England, it’s all evolving into a lively training game and frustration from the soul shooting after the unfortunate defeat against Dallas.

Favre-fan Taylor Heinicke not enough to Washington in Green Bay

For a moment, it looked like the Green Bay Packers were trapped in a hard, difficult game of balls, as they often have been in recent weeks. But then Aaron Rodgers remembered he was Aaron Rodgers, and “Fightin Heinickes” ran breathlessly on both sides of the ball and within Green Bay’s 30-yard line. Above all, the Packers pass-rush in the form of Rashan Gary and Kingsley Keke (totaling 3.5 sacks) makes life difficult for Washington’s previous backup and current starter. Rodgers also needs to go down three times, but still throws himself a very cool 127.6 rating including three touchdowns.

Cincinnati Bengals’ mega-statement in AFC North

If you were to hang on the Petersglocke in Cologne Cathedral shortly before noon and wait until the bell rang, you would get a sense of how loud the Cincinnati Bengals’ statement was to be heard in AFC North. Joe Burrow (416 passing yards, three touchdowns) and Ja’Marr Chase (eight catches, 201 yards plus an 82-yard touchdown) are legal on the first three pages of Church Letter after an impressive win in the best game but improved offensive line and the young Bengali defense around newcomer Trey Hendrickson has long since earned their own chapters. In that game, striped defender Lamar Jackson fired five times, keeping his pass rate below 50 percent and limiting the Ravens’ ever-dominant ground play to 4.8 yards per game. carry.

Sam Darnold with nightmare performance at old NFL workplace

Anyone remember when the Carolina Panthers were the buzz of the current NFL season? None? No wonder, because for the past few weeks, the Sam Darnold tour group has looked like the quarterback’s lame former employer. In his old homeland, however, Darnold did not cut a good figure himself and eventually even had to make room for PJ Walker. As if that wasn’t enough for the McCaffrey-less Panthers, Daniel Jones also became Jerry Rice with a one-handed catch of 16 yards. However, the engine behind the gigantic success is primarily the defense, which with rookie rusher Azeez Ojulari (2.5 sacks) in the lead tears down Carolina’s quarterbacks six times.

Headache for Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs had to be afraid of Derrick Henry with their defensive attempts even before kickoff. That the all-world running back then also throws the match’s first touchdown pass was probably too much. Chiefs come under the wheels of “Josh Norman Henry Style”, and even Patrick Mahomes suddenly seems very human. Therefore, he can also feel the pain from a hard blow from the second half and is doomed to see in the end. Tennessee, on the other hand, is in a party mood, thanks in large part to a dominant passing rush (led by Denico Autry with two sacks), a greatly improved defense and a dominant AJ Brown (eight catches for 133 yards plus a touchdown).

NFL lesson for Justin Fields at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Justin Fields, after the first of his four sacks, was still picking the last pieces of Raymond James grass out of the face grid as Leonard Fournette already gave his touchdown ball to a beauty from the front row. So the story was actually over early in the first quarter, though the Bears defense could even annoy “Grandmaster B” for a down or two at times. The fact that Justin Fields is currently at least one NFL step behind in terms of mental speed, and that in a team that his bobby car does not really often press on to help, makes a close fight in the current constellation completely impossible. Fields found at least time to joke with the defenders at 3:35 before throwing his second of three interceptions a game later. But it was Mike Evans who had a lot of fun, who already had three touchdowns for Tampa Bay in the first half.

Even despair is not enough for Detroit in the “Stafford Trade Bowl”.

Please watch out for poor Dan Campbell, he will do something really rash at some point to get his first NFL win. In terms of tactical and strategic football fantasies, he should have exhausted pretty much every playbook on the planet with his courage of despair, unfortunately again without success for the lion pack. Fake punts, onside kicks, you-name-it … in the end, the attack around ex-Lion Matthew Stafford (334 passing yards, three touchdowns) is a whole round more potent than the version that his trading colleague Jared Goff (268 passing yards, a touchdown, two interceptions) into the field. It probably has little to do with the two signal callers, although this explanation is obviously too simple overall.

The Arizona Cardinals continue to fly undefeated through the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals came out of the locker room quite sleepy and in no time came back 0: 5 at all. Since American and non-European football is played in the NFL, it was neither a broken leg nor a problem for the further course of the game. Kyler Murray and the offense also originated in the ensuing period, but at least Zach Ertz was able to record a touchdown in his new home on “National Tight End Day.” The defense around edge rusher Markus Golden (two sacks plus fumble recovery) robbed Davis Mills and the Texans of any idea they might have come up with during the training week.

The Las Vegas Raiders are enjoying their preliminary project

So far so good: Rich Bisaccia’s unexpected NFL success story with the Las Vegas Raiders continues. Against the Philadelphia Eagles, the robbers tensed their muscles, which are widespread throughout the squad, and diligently plundered the guests’ feathers. Derek Carr (wins 31 of 34 passes, 323 yards, two touchdowns) distributes balls directly to nine different receivers, most of them Hunter Renfroe and Foster Moreau (who put in for the injured Darren Waller as a cream). Philadelphia started an inspired comeback on the back of Jalen Hurts, but after the point of ebb in the two midfielders, there really is not much more to say than “too little, too late”.

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