The perfect moment to learn American football with the Schaumburg Rangers

BUCKEBURG. As in many other sports, it has recently become quiet in Schaumburg American Football. The Schaumburg Rangers are the only team in the county that practices the sport of ball imported from the United States. The calm should be over now, the VfL Bückeburg division wants to start in 2022. “We have a new and hungry team of coaches,” says Mark Kohlstädt, one of those responsible.


Young and yet experienced

It is also clear that Heino Röwer, the longtime and well-deserved head coach of the team, has retired. “He was the heart of Rangers, but we were prepared for the move. He has now left the helm to the younger ones and will definitely watch one or the other match from the side in the garden chair,” said Benjamin Sarx (25), who has taken over the post as head coach on a temporary basis, and is currently on his coach C license files. “Because we are so young, we still play. But we have already gained a lot of experience and would like to pass it on, “says Sarx, who has been on” The Egg “for twelve years and was active in the Bundesliga and the national team as a youngster. Rangers’ doors are wide open to all football enthusiasts, coaches and players.

The former players are still on the ball, but over the course of a long season, it can be tight in terms of staff. “The team is very young, the players have been with us for a maximum of two years,” says Kohlstädt. 12 matches in the state league in Lower Saxony are planned if Corona allows matches to be played in the spring. But the message from the new “doers” is clear: There is a need for players – if you want, you can. “People who join us now can learn the sport from scratch, build something and make it ‘their’ team. It’s something special,” Kohlstädt clarifies. Anyone who wants to get into the sport now is in for a treat hands at Rangers.

We need small, big, thin or even players with 150 kg

American football is a complex sport that makes some demands both physically and regularly. “Thanks to our structure, no one needs to feel stupid.” On the contrary: they want to build newcomers sensibly, “we do basic training, prepare the players for the first full contact in a long time,” Kohlstädt explains the concept.

What should the players bring with them? “Above all, motivation,” Sarx says. In any case, there are no physical limits, Sarx and Kohlstädt jointly emphasize: “We need small, tall, thin or even 150 kilos of players. They are welcome to come to us, we get them in the form of American football. ” In any case, do not be afraid of contact.

If the prospect of fitness is not enough to excite you, Mark Kohlstädt should listen: “First and foremost, it’s the team spirit, because I’m on the field with ten others I can trust.” In addition, complexity and full contact are attractive components in demanding sports. “I can really let go of the steam after work and let go of my Corona frustration,” Sarx adds with a mischievous smile.

Newcomers do not need any previous training, the new team wants to provide training in the rules and sports theory. Exercise equipment and equipment can also be provided in the beginning. From the age of 19, you can participate in the men’s competition. “We have already played against teams when the oldest player was 55 years old,” says Kohlstädt. Young people, on the other hand, are welcome in head coach Marcel Göpel’s U19, which consists of players aged 14 and up. But younger players are also allowed to participate in the training, but are not yet integrated into the full contact and are carefully introduced to the sport.

It’s the perfect moment to jump in and learn American football with us

The Schaumburg Rangers are scratching their hooves, so to speak, and are eager for things to finally start again. During the Corona break, those responsible have invested money saved in equipment and training materials, even a tool for professional video analysis is available, and also want to intensify cooperation with “Black Jack Cheerleaders” from Krankenhagen again. Everything should be geared towards the start of the season in April.

“Now we just need motivated people to move down from the couch to us. It is the perfect moment to come in and learn American football with us, “says Kohlstädt.

And the silence of the media in American football is soon over when the Super Bowl, the final of the National Football League (NFL), is played in California on February 13th. It may be far away, but Tom Brady of the Schaumburg Rangers could be born at Dr.-Faust-Platz in Bückeburg.

Training dates:

The Rangers fitters are already active. There is currently training twice a week, Mondays (20.00 to 21.30) in Dr. Faust sports hall (above the swimming pool), Wednesdays (19.00 to 20.30) at Bückeburg Dr. The Faust sports ground (Schwenstraße 9), has been home to the Rangers for years. Dates for the tests will be announced over the next few days. The training takes place under the current guidelines for corona protection (2G plus in the hall, 2G for outdoor sports). Current information about Schaumburg Rangers can be found on Facebook.

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