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Do you want to play more sports and have fun at the same time? Then fitness games are probably just the thing for you! This is our top 10 best fitness games for the Nintendo Switch.

Of New Year’s resolution finally practiced more sports, but you have not even started yet? Yes, many of us are like that. But don’t worry, there are some quantity Games for the Nintendo Switch that make you sweat. We have skilled and show you our 10 favorite fitness games below.

Nintendo Switch: These are the 10 best fitness games

Sport does not always have to be murder. It can also be incredibly fun, especially if it can be practiced at home in front of the TV.

1.Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Switch Fitness
Image source: Nintendo

The ultimate fitness game for the Nintendo Switch: “Ring Fit Adventure” (at Amazon for around € 64). This game combines adventure play with targeted fitness exercises, recognized by an included “Ring-Con” and leg strap. Explore the colorful fantasy world and battle opponents with up to 60 fitness exercises like squats and squats. The training intensity can be determined individually so that children and adults have fun and are not over- or under-challenged.

We have already thoroughly tested “Ring Fit Adventure”. You can read what happened here:

2. Just Dance 2022

Image source: Ubisoft

As the name of the game suggests, “Just Dance 2022” (for around € 38 on Amazon) is a movement game where players have to dance to famous and above all current songs with a certain choreography and sweat. You do not even need extra accessories to dance with. Your own smartphone and a suitable, free app are enough.

3. Mario Tennis Esser

Image source: Nintendo

Mario games are simply iconic, and so the dull Nintendo hero should not be missing from this list either. Fortunately, there is also no shortage of fitness games to play with him and his friends. So do Mario Tennis Aces. You can play alone against an NPC (non-player character) or a family member. In addition to tennis matches, there is also a story mode where you chase through worlds in the usual Mario manner and fight against opponents with the tennis racket. It is played with the two Joy-Cons, which are used as tennis rackets. “Mario Tennis Aces” is available on Amazon for around € 48. If you want to experience a real tennis feeling, you can find the right one Beater for Joy-Cons for € 27.99 on Amazon buying.

Tendak tennis racket for Nintendo Switch
Tendak tennis racket for Nintendo Switch

Matching the game “Mario Tennis Aces”, there are tennis rackets that are compatible with Nintendo Joy-Cons and multiply the joy of playing.

The price may be higher now. Price from 24/04/2022 23:43

4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Tokyo 2020

Image source: Sega

Experience lots of fun with the two Nintendo veterans Mario and Sonic in over 30 different Olympic disciplines. With up to four local players, you can compete against each other and play archery, boxing, 100 meter dash and many other mini-games. The movements are mainly made with arms and hands and are perceived by the Nintendo Switch through the Joy-Con controller. “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020” is currently available on Amazon for around € 49.

5. Mario Golf: Super Rush

Image source: Nintendo

Anyone who says golf is not a real sport has probably just not played it. It can be quite exhausting, but above all it is a lot of fun. In “Mario Golf Super Rush” (available from Amazon for around € 43) you can practice your perfect serving alone or with two other friends. Here, too, you do not necessarily need any extra accessories, thanks to the motion control, the Joy-Con controllers recognize when you swing them like a golf club. One can, however, add further for better immersion Golf clubs for around € 13 on Amazon buying.

Heystop golf clubs for Nintendo Switch
Heystop golf clubs for Nintendo Switch

Matching the game “Mario Golf: Super Rush”, there are Joy-Con compatible golf clubs that increase the joy of playing.

The price may be higher now. Price from 24/04/2022 20:39

6. Fitness boxing 2

Nintendo Switch fitness
Image source: Imagineer

In “Fitness Boxing 2” the name says it all. You box up to 23 songs alone or in pairs through tailor-made workouts, set personal fitness goals and have your progress shown graphically as charts. A digital personal trainer will support you and calmly show you the basics of boxing. You can get “Fitness Boxing 2” on Amazon for around € 44 right now.

7. Family coaches

Nintendo Switch fitness
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Up to two players can play more than two dozen mini-games at the same time. Fun for the whole family! The game comes with two leg straps so you do not have to buy them separately. Including training overview and progress display. The game You can currently get the “Family Trainer” at for around € 70.

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Knockout Home Fitness

Nintendo Switch Fitness
Image source: Marvelous

Full body fitness without having to run to the gym? You can with this Switch game. Train exercises based on boxing, karate, kung fu and muay thai for over 25 music titles and burn a lot of calories. Digital personal trainers guide you through various modes to suit every level of training. You can get “Knockout Home Fitness” at Amazon for around € 40.

9. Zumba Burn It Up

Nintendo Switch fitness
Image credit: 505 games

Get in shape while dancing in your own living room! It sounds like a dream. With “Zumba Burn it Up!” (at Saturn for about 33 €) is not a problem. Dance to over 30 songs, many different dance styles and let superstar coaches give you a helping hand. Fun for the whole family, as up to four players can train at the same time.

10 arms

Image source: Nintendo

With “Arms” the name of the game says it all. Here you can train your arms properly in fun boxing matches and at the same time sweat! The different battle arms that you can equip your character with each have their own characteristics, so the battles never get boring. For up to four players. You can get the “Arms” for the Nintendo Switch here on Amazon for around € 48.

Fitness Games on Nintendo Switch: Are They Worth It?

If you generally tend to be a non-sports person, you can finally find the motivation you need to get up off the couch and engage in some physical activity with the so-called fitness games. The Nintendo Switch in particular is ideal for this, as the Joy-Con controllers are controlled by movements and almost no additional devices are required. But even sports junkies are guaranteed to get something for their money with all the many different games if they have to cancel going to the gym. Of course, this will never replace outdoor exercise, but such fitness games are ideal as training in between or to find the necessary motivation first.

Martha Dorawa

Sports do not always have to be annoying!

I’m not a big sports fan either, to be honest. But it has to be, if you want to stay healthy. In my opinion, sports on the console are simply the perfect combination of fun and exercise. Especially in times of lockdowns and high infection rates, you want a motivator within your own four walls to get up off the couch and do some fitness. The Nintendo Switch can definitely do that for me.

In the following video we show you the best game consoles for kids:

Tell us what video games you play – we’ll tell you how old you are!

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