Tennis even before the boom of Becker and Graf – Bad Bellingen

Bad Bellingen Tennis Club has existed for 50 years and celebrates its anniversary on July 23. The number of members is growing among young people.

. Bad Bellingen’s 50th anniversary – it is to be celebrated in the summer. The three tennis courts located at the back of the Bamlach fire department’s equipment house under the TC clubhouse have just been prepared for the coming season. The municipality has recently asphalted the club’s previous gravel parking.

Tennis was played in Bad Bellingen before 1972. Before the club was founded and the new clubhouse with courts was built on the current site, there were tennis courts on Rosenweg in the capital and also in the Rheinweiler, where the new hostel for asylum seekers was built. “So we did not have the famous Boris Becker or Steffi Graf effect in the 1980s, when suddenly everyone wanted to play tennis, new tennis clubs opened and even many halls with tennis courts were built,” says board member Sebastian Cheap and laughs.

Speaking of Halle: The tennis courts at TC Bad Bellingen can be used from spring to autumn. “In the winter, we use the courts in the tennis hall in Mllheim for training,” says Frank Fuchs, who is responsible for PR and finance on the board. There is collaboration with adjacent tennis clubs such as those in Neuchâtel, in Kandern and Istein. There are currently four men’s and two women’s teams in different age groups playing in Kandern, Bad Bellingen and Neuchâtel. The next generation is encouraged. Tennis-loving children train with the well-known Swiss tennis coach Marcel Iten at the tennis school in Mllheim. Philip Dahm from Hertingen is the club’s youth coach. “We always have 15 to 20 interested children and young people who want to play tennis, and the trend is increasing,” says Billich happily.

To coincide with the anniversary, the clubhouse was renovated internally, the terrace was beautifully designed, the pitches are in perfect condition thanks to the “100% accurate groundskeepers Wolgang Billich and Dieter Mller,” says Frank Fuchs. TC Bad Bellingen gets a lot of praise from foreign players for the always well-prepared courses. The clubhouse is also popular. “We hope that especially our young people will be able to use it more after Corona,” says Billich.

The board members are particularly pleased that the municipality now supports the tennis club and gave the Vogel company the task of having the car park paved as part of other road work, because so far water has always accumulated on the parking lot gravel and there. have been many puddles and holes. Mayor Carsten Vogelpohl adds that money from the Mary Foundation made it possible to build the tennis club, which can also be used by the public. The mayor may be enthusiastic about tennis – but does not play himself.- Unfortunately, I have never had a contract with balls that bounce, he says with humor, while he throws a tennis ball with an old tennis racket in wood from Stangen. Laver era on the field. Frank Fuchs got into tennis through a colleague and joined this sport. “The whole family is now playing tennis with us,” he continues. Even Sebastian Billich’s parents played tennis.

There will be a big party in the clubhouse on Saturday, July 23, 2022 on the occasion of the anniversary. A tent is set up on the lawn, and Marcus Ciesiolka’s team from the café in the park offers food and drink. A beer fountain is also planned. The local band “Blues Train” has already been asked to provide musical entertainment. “We want to host a club tournament and a fun tournament – we had already arranged a fun tournament with fun ideas for a tennis game that was really fun for everyone,” Billich recalls. And by the way, the festival also wants to promote the club and the sport of tennis, and that people can try the tennis club, says Frank Fuchs.

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