Tennis, Australian Open – Comment: Australian Open does not need Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is finally not allowed to compete at the Australian Open – that’s a good thing! At the end of an incredible farce, one thing is important to remember: the Australian Open does not need Novak Djokovic at all. A comment.

At the moment, it should not be about the egoist Novak Djokovic, who has impressively shown who Novak Djokovic is with his behavior in recent weeks. And who could have avoided everything, absolutely everything, just by being vaccinated like 97 percent of his colleagues on the trip. Nor should it be about the Australian Tennis Federation or the Australian Government, which throughout the theater all looked bad and all are losers.

It should be about the wrong assumption that the Australian Open absolutely needs Novak Djokovic. Number one in the world. The man who has already won 9 times in Melbourne and is chasing his 21st Grand Slam title. The record for eternity. Without him, the tournament would be missing so much, which is why tournament director Craig Tiley has probably tried everything to build bridges between Djokovic. It’s not true. The Australian Open does not need Novak Djokovic because there are endless fascinating stories even without the Serb.

Some examples? From a German point of view, the main question, of course, is whether Alexander Zverev can confirm his impressive form from the final phase of the season in 2021 and win his long-awaited first Grand Slam title. Zverev’s appearances at the ATP Cup at the beginning of the year were okay, but still drew a very vague picture of whether the 24-year-old is really ready for the great triumph.

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