Resistance bands: How fitness tools support muscle building

Resistance bands: How fitness tools support muscle building

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 11.37

Thanks to fitness bands, training can be intensified in no time. We present three resistance bands in different price ranges that make muscle training more effective.

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also fitness bands Resistance bands, called resistance bands, are often integrated into muscle training to make it more intense and effective. In this way, the abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms and back can be trained purposefully. Depending on the training level and body part, certain resistance bands are particularly suitable. But resistance bands are also used in physiotherapy for yoga, Pilates, Crossfit and even for rehabilitation purposes. The three best fitness bands under 15, 25 and 40 euros for different needs are presented below.

Practical and effective: resistance bands for muscle training

By the elastic Fitness bands increase resistance, they make training harder and intensify the exercises because they need to be performed with more effort. The training effects are improved by means of resistance bands. As the straps save space, they can also be easily transported and used for a workout in the park or on holiday.

Eco-friendly loop straps – under 15 euros

Loop straps are especially suitable for beginners. The set of 5 from Gritin, which is available at Amazon from 11.99 euros, comes with five colorful bands of different strengths, so the right fitness band can be chosen for each training level. The strength of the bands ranges from level 1 (“Light”) to level 5 (“XX-Heavy”). The special thing: The bands are skin-friendly and are made of 100% natural latex. With the purchase, you also do the environment a favor. Because the straps can be easily folded, they are also easy to transport. They measure 60 cm x 5 cm and are slightly longer than most other loops.

  • Green Band: “Light”
  • Blue Band: “Medium”
  • Yellow ribbon: “Heavy”
  • Red Band: “X-Heavy”
  • Black Band: “XX-Heavy”

Tube in a set of 5 with fastening accessories – under 25 euros

With the fitness bands in sets of 5 from COFOF, dumbbells can be completely replaced as part of muscle training. At Amazon there is to buy the tapes from 22.94 euros. Unlike loops, tubes have handles so the straps can be held better and are particularly suitable for beginners. The set comes with pipe straps in five different strengths as well as extra accessories such as handles and door anchors, so the training can be made even more varied and other items can be easily attached using the carabiners. The handles are sweat-repellent and non-slip.

Thanks to the accessories, the straps can e.g. attached to the door. They can be attached to the handles either individually or together using the carabiners to vary the workout. In addition to the five straps, the set also includes two padded handles, two ankle straps, a door anchor, a travel bag and a training manual. The following strengths are included in the set:

  • Yellow ribbon: up to 4.5 kg
  • Blue ribbon: up to 9 kg
  • Red ribbon: up to 13.6 kg
  • Green ribbon: up to 18 kg
  • Black ribbon: up to 22.6 kg

Pull-up straps with training instructions – under 40 euros

Pull-up straps can be used specifically for muscle training for pull-ups by attaching them to the bar and standing or kneeling in the strap loop during the pull-up and using your arms to pull your entire body weight up. The FitBeast set comes with five straps in different widths and strengths. Also included is a door anchor and two handles, a carrying case and training instructions including a professional training guide which shows how the straps can be integrated into muscle training. The set is available from Amazon from 38.99 euros.

  • Strength 1: 5 to 15 lbs
  • Strength 2: 6.8 to 15.9 kg
  • Strength 3: 30-60 lbs
  • Strength 4: 40 to 85 lbs
  • Strength 5: 50 to 120 lbs

Fitness band: The difference between loops and tubes explained

1. Loop

There are basically two types of resistance bands: Tubes with handles and Loop fitness bands that look like a loop. The latter are available in different widths and strengths for different training levels. Wide loops are particularly suitable for leg and ballet training, while narrow bands are primarily for arm and upper body training.

2nd pipe

Alternatively, beginners in particular can also use resistance straps that have a hand strap at both ends with which the straps can be held. called pipe. The straps can be better controlled through the hand straps.

Fitness exercises: How the resistance bands can be integrated into strength training

As a starting point, the following applies first: If If fitness bands are integrated into the workout, beginners should use low-resistance bands. More experienced strength athletes, on the other hand, can use bands with a higher resistance. This ensures that the right band with the right strength is always selected for each individual training level. The kits on the market have straps of different strength, so no extra straps need to be bought as the training progresses. The straps can advantageously be integrated into the training as part of different exercises to strengthen different muscle groups and intensify the training effects. Below is a small selection:

1. Butt and thigh training with loops

To do this, first go into Loop ribbon (closed ribbon in the shape of a loop) and pull it up to just above the knee. Then do the same as with a normal squat: Stand hip-width apart and cross your arms at chest height in front of your torso. Important: The strap must already be stretched – otherwise the training effect is lost. In this position, keep your back straight and squat. Stay for a few seconds and slowly get up again. Ideally, repeat this exercise 15 times in three sets.

Exercise for shoulders, chest and triceps with tubes

In this exercise you will get hold of one Pipe tape with handles and matching door anchors. Find an object nearby to attach the strap to chest height. Now stand with your back to the object in the outstretched position and grasp the strap in both handles. When your arms are at shoulder height, push your bandaged hands forward until your arms are straight. Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly move your hands and arms back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Abdominal training with loops

For training the abdominal muscles, set this Lift the strap around your forefoot and make sure there is enough tension on them. Now lie down on the back of your mat and pull your legs up at a right angle to your body and stretch your hands behind your head. Continue now as with regular crunches. While doing this, pull your right leg towards you and bring your left elbow towards your right knee while pushing your left leg away from your body and putting more tension on the band. Do this exercise alternately with both legs and always pull the arm on the opposite side of your body towards your knee. You should repeat the exercise about 20 times in total, ten times on each side.

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