Playground in Ulm and Neu-Ulm with the best ratings

1. Playground Friedrichsau, Ulm

2. Little Blue Island Playground, Ulm

3. Large Ehinger facility playground, Ulm

4. Glacis West Playground, Neu-Ulm

5. Wiley Sports and Leisure Park, Neu-Ulm

6. Playground Ringstrasse, Neu-Ulm

In it Byen Ulm there are over 200 playgrounds in Neu-Ulm over 50. Most of these offer a mix of sand playgrounds, swings, climbing and dexterity equipment. Some are complemented by a soccer field with goals, have a table tennis table or basketball hoop, some even have a skate park. Water playgrounds are especially popular with children.

The best rated playgrounds in Ulm – a selection

1. Playground Friedrichsau, Ulm

4.7 stars from 174 reviews

Of best playground in Ulm – if you go after the reviews on Google. The new playground offers everything a child’s heart desires in a very spacious area of ​​over 3000 square meters: a huge one piratskib for climbing and sliding, extra wide landslidemany Cuta balancing processnumerous hiding placesalong cable carwhere the children themselves can climb up, a trampoline system and lots true. The playground is fenced all around and therefore safe for small runaways. This is especially important since he right by the lakes is located in Friedrichsau. Water fountains, fountains and sighted ducks are included in this playground in Ulm. The large lawn with generous wood shade invites to picnic and rest, and a giant wooden table makes it even possible children’s birthdays. There is plenty of seating for parents throughout the area. One small drawback, as in so many playgrounds: There are only a few suitable devices for small children. As a very popular playground in Ulm, it is usually a lot Well attended.

2. Little Blue Island Playground, Ulm

Lautengasse 11, 89073 Ulm

4.5 stars from 123 reviews

This playground in Ulm owes its many good reviews on Google its very own central location: Just a stone’s throw from Münsterplatz at the gate to Ulm’s fishing district at Blau attracts many visitors. Only recently it offers everything that makes a good playground in a compact space: a large ship with different climbing offerlong Slide, balancing options, Cut and lots true. Straight on Flow Placed in blue, it is secured by a fence. Outside the fence there is a nice step access to the water where you can cool off the warm feet in the summer. There is a place to rest and see shady seating and a meadow (outside the fence). Unfortunately, very little is offered to young children.

3. Large Ehinger facility playground, Ulm

Near Beyerstrasse, 89077 Ulm

4.5 stars from 51 reviews

This newly renovatedspacious playground offers climb fun clean: Kids can let go of the steam and train their dexterity on the large climbing equipment. There is Slide, Cut and true Incl. Bucket, rope pull and sand slide. The playground is located in the middle of the park near the Danube and is surrounded by generous wood shade

The best rated playgrounds in Neu-Ulm – a selection

4. Glacis West Playground, Neu-Ulm

Schiesshausallee 33-37, 89231 Neu-Ulm

4.6 stars from 108 reviews

This playground in Neu-Ulm is one real adventure playground. Located in the idyllic Glacis Park, it makes children’s hearts beat faster. A giant one climbing frame with many towers and bridges to climb, Slide, Bucket, rope pull and sand slide. Wide landslide, cable car and Cut is generously spread over the very extensive ground. A beautifully landscaped one Sand and water playground offers fun and play even for very young children. You can relax, picnic and enjoy nature on the lawns generous wood shade around the playground. There is also enough space for the parents.

5. Wiley Sports and Leisure Park, Neu-Ulm

Wileystrasse, 89231 Neu-Ulm

4.6 stars from 482 ratings

Various sports facilities The huge sports and leisure park on Wiley Square has something for young and old. in Skater park Show jumps and tricks with skates, scooters or bicycles in Outdoor gym course Train strength and dexterity Beach Volleyball train or at disc golf water playground afreagere There are different right next door giant trampolines to train. Huge lawns invite you to linger, relax, have a picnic and just watch.

6. Playground Ringstrasse, Neu-Ulm

Ringstrasse 121, 89231 Neu-Ulm

4.3 stars from 41 reviews

The one in his presentation rather special playground offers variety from other playgrounds. Older children in particular get something for their money here. A giant and very high climbing frame with long tunnel slide, Course-like landscaped climbing area with rocks and ropes and chains to pull up, balancing bar, sand box and hiding places offer children a variety of games and activities. The adjacent large meadow is particularly suitable for football.

Why are playgrounds so important for children’s development?

Kids need a playground around the corner to hold theirs motor skills to test and further develop. Climbing, swinging, sliding, frolicking – in the playground they get to know the important movement sequences as well as physical boundaries. It is very important that parents do the same to test limits, if they are confident enough to do so. This includes, for example, rocking standing, balancing on the seesaw or jumping down from the climbing tower. If this works, children will gain confidence and develop healthy protective behaviors.

Also for them social skills, i.e. socializing with other children, a playground is important. It is a place of togetherness where children often go children and learn to play together. Swinging in shifts, gliding one after the other, taking care of others while frolicking are important building blocks in children’s social skills.

Other playgrounds in Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area that are worth the playground shop

Adventure playground at Eselsberg, Ulm: near Manfred-Börner-Straße, 89081 Ulm
Sonnenhalde playground, Ulm: Sonnenhalde 54, 89075 Ulm
Peter-Biebl-Park Playground, Neu-Ulm: Eisenhowerstraße 1, 89231 Neu-Ulm
Lautertalweg playground, Blaustein: Lautertalweg 18, 89134 Blaustein
Fun Arena, Langenau: Kiesgräble, 89129 Langenau
Stadthalle playground, Blaubeuren: Eduard-von-Lang-Straße 33, 89143 Blaubeuren
Underground playground, Unterweiler: Jahnweg 6, 89079 Ulm
Water playground at Lonesee, Lonsee: Silcherstraße 24, 89173 Lonsee
Playground Am Weiher, Illertissen: Am Weiher 15, 89257 Illertissen
Playground Vöhringen: Rue de Vizille, 89269 Vöhringen
Playground Oberroth: Dattenhauser Str., 89294 Oberroth
“Häldele” playground: Bergstrasse 16, 88486 Kirchberg an der Iller
Playground Balzheim: At the sports field, 88481 Balzheim

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