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Pamela Reif in a fitness interview
” Fun in sports is the most important thing to keep getting fitter ”

Pamela Reif is Germany’s most successful fitness influencer, she has her own model line, develops healthy fitness food and sustainable sports detergent, she herself is super fit and always in a good mood. We talked to her about celebrities, pressure on social media, family and fitness.

Fitness is your business. How do you always manage to be super fit yourself?

It may sound strange, but it is important to take the pressure off. If you want to be fit in the long run, take it easy and do not judge yourself for not exercising 5 times a week. I have always trained 4 to 5 sessions a week and keep at it – continuity is the most important thing.

My sessions last about 1 hour and I always focus on strength training. Since lockdown, I have gained a taste for bodyweight training only. I still maintain it and do at least 3 bodyweight workouts a week, then 2 HIIT and abdominal sessions, 1 upper body session. Heavy weights are sometimes added only on the leg day. I think my training videos are also so successful because my followers do not have to think too much. Just train with me! They mimic everything I do – no one has to think about anything.

Do you have a tip on how to make a workout routine a real habit?

The important thing is to have fun. And unfortunately, it’s not fun from the first second. Maybe it’s a little depressing at first that you can not do something or that you can not coordinate it. Learning takes time, no expert is born that way. But there must always be a spark of joy. If jogging or tennis is not for you, you need to try what gives you more pleasure.

For example, my dance workouts are extremely popular. Especially with those candidates who otherwise have a hard time fighting their way onto the mat. Many people say that you do not notice that you are training at all – even though you can easily do 80 squats and have fun with it!

My tip: You should give it all a try and “force” yourself a little at first to stick to it. But if after a while you still do not feel like having fun, it is better to quickly look for something new. For no one should be depressed while exercising. Here you will find 14 tips that will immediately motivate you to train better.

And if the successes are still lacking?

Be sure to check your diet out! You can not train poor nutrition or regular midnight meals. Even a hard workout session only burns about 300 calories, depending on your body – it’s not even 2 pieces of pizza!

So stress and emotional eating should be avoided and I recommend buying natural foods and cooking for yourself as often as possible so you know what is in the food. These high-protein foods support your muscle building.

Do you follow a special diet?

I eat naturally, avoid dairy products, white flour and refined sugar, but am not afraid of fructose. I eat fruit without limits, but the focus is on solid meals. I make everything myself and am aware of organic products. It is important that nutrition does not feel like a ban.

For anything that is delicious but has too many “unhealthy” ingredients, I have made a healthy option. Whether it’s gnocchi or bounty porridge – I really enjoy cooking and developing recipes myself. Everything happens very quickly for me, my daily routine does not allow me to spend hours in the kitchen – it is important to be able to implement it every day. I also always eat without disturbing my phone: Just feeling the food is wonderful and was crucial for me not to overeat when I was hungry.

Mindfulness and sustainability are important to you – how do you implement this in everyday life?

In the beginning, I did without plastic, sorted garbage and acted more consciously. When the ball starts to roll this way, you can explore all areas of life. Cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products – suddenly you look good everywhere. I have switched to using almost exclusively products with harmful ingredients and to reducing packaging waste. So it came to pass that I developed my own detergent with everdrop. Because the skin is our largest organ, everything that lies on it is also absorbed by the body. This is how you can live more sustainably.

What is your tip for keeping gym clothes beautiful for a long time?

I would like something from a well-fitting sportswear for a long time. And special fibers need special care. My sports detergent has 3 themes: 1. It is adapted to the fibers of sportswear, retains breathability and stretch, ensures that the colors remain true and sweat does not yellow the fibers. Sweat also dissolves even at low temperatures. 2. Health! It is extremely important to me that no ingredients are used that are harmful to health or that can alter hormones. The environment: everdrop specializes in ensuring that all ingredients are biodegradable, only plant-based surfactants are used and no unnecessary fillers are included. Everdrop is also one of the first companies to offer different detergent strengths tailored to the water hardness of the consumer region.

How do you know if the water is hard or soft where you live?

It’s pretty easy. On the everdrop website, you can enter your postcode when ordering and you will then be forwarded directly to the relevant detergent. This way you get rid of a lot of unnecessary chemicals and generally require less detergent per wash. Good for the environment and sportswear!

You have a 24/7 job – how do you juggle all your projects?

Sometimes I do not even know it! The advantage is that I can organize everything myself. I am my own boss and I can decide what I want to do and when. I have many projects and I am passionate about everything I do. As a result, I never really have the feeling that it is “too much” for me.

A little ritual is my daily to-do list that I write the night before. So I know what to start with the next day. Despite this, I retain the freedom to rearrange things whenever I want, allowing me to be extremely flexible and productive.

How do you handle the pressure on social media?

I actually feel very little pressure. Probably because I’ve been doing this for so long. I started when I was 16 and grew into my job. Instagram was my daily companion, I do not know it any other way!

What makes me feel more pressure is the entrepreneurial side, for example the logistics of my food brand “Naturally Pam”: production, purchasing volumes, expiration dates, sales – here I notice: “Wow, now I have to perform, otherwise all that becomes right. The chain no longer goes backwards. ” But I’m generally really good at dealing with pressure, I do everything in my power to realize a project and stay as calm as possible. The strength has to be found in serenity.

How does it feel to have more than 8 million followers?

When I go out, I have to count on being spoken to. This has been intensified in recent years. Extreme example: When I’m at the airport during the holiday season, it can quickly turn into a little “meet and greet”. Since I am always aware of this, I would never react annoyed or confused.

In fact, I never rejected a picture. My followers are my main asset and they will probably always remember those few minutes. And when you radiate kindness, you get it back. In fact, I enjoy being contacted, because then I finally see who the people who follow me are.

Do you even have time to talk to your followers?

If I’m not saving for anything, it’s time for my community. Everything stands and falls with her! I spend a lot of time every day exchanging ideas about how a new workout is going, or what my followers want in the near future so I can find out about it. It is constant giving and taking and I try to be as active as possible.

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