NFL: Where will the semifinals be broadcast?

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TV and streaming: Where will the NFL semifinals be broadcast?

The Las Vegas Raiders drive back Josh Jacobs during the game against the Indianapolis Colts. His team was the last to qualify for the 2022 NFL Finals.

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The NFL football playoffs are upon us again. Here you will find all information about schedule, TV broadcast and streaming offers.

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Can you really improve in the recent NFL weekend? All four matches were only settled at the last second, after some dramatic twists. So it’s hard to imagine – but not impossible either. That’s one of the reasons why the excitement, anticipation and excitement before the upcoming NFL conference finals is noticeable in the United States. The titles of the NFC and AFC – the two conferences of the best football league in the world – bring not only a post in the letterhead, but also access to the Super Bowl on February 13th. And that’s where all four teams will go: the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cinncinati Bengals

Chiefs: It’s routine for Chiefs: For the fourth time, the team led by head coach Andy Reid and quarterback genius Patrick Mahomes has hosted the final of the American Football Conference – it has never happened before. For the first time in 2019, there was a loss against the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady still playing quarterback at the time. In 2020, the team beat the Tennessee Titans and won the Super Bowl, last year the Buffalo Bills failed to Chiefs, who then lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Brady in the Super Bowl. There is virtually no doubt in the NFL that the Chiefs can shape an era similar to that of the Patriots in the 2000s. These are difficult prospects for all AFC competitors.

Bengals: Almost no expected Bengals – not in the main round and certainly not at this point in the playoffs. The team last finished in AFC North for three years in a row. Also freshman year with young quarterback Joe Burrow. But now in his second season, Burrow led his team to division titles and playoff wins against the Las Vegas Raiders and the No. 1-seeded Tennessee Titans – the Bengals’ first playoff wins since the 1990 season, mind you. The Bengals have made good use of the NFL’s system of allowing bad teams first draft. After Burrow two years ago, management selected Ja’Marr Chase as the sixth pick prior to this season – the pass recipient is without a doubt the most striking newcomer to the position, and Burrow now represents the team’s future.

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Rams: Rams are all geared up for this Super Bowl at home. February 13, 2022 is everywhere, so the team has given up its future in the medium term. Since 2016, the Rams have had no first-round picks in the draft because they swapped them in exchange for experienced professionals – as quarterback Matthew Stafford did for the Detroit Lions earlier in the season. Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and Von Miller in defense are the crème de la crème of the NFL, while the offensive signing of free transfer Odell Beckham Jr. has given paw. In addition, there is the excellent passport recipient Cooper Kupp. Little chin: On the final day of the main round, the team lost at home to the 49ers.

49ers: The 49ers have known how to win against the current Rams in Los Angeles since the last day of play in the main round. The team also won the playoffs against the favorite Green Bay Packers. Nevertheless, there is doubt about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo this season, as the team was in the Super Bowl in 2020 and lost to the Chiefs there. American media are debating whether the 49ers are successful because of Garoppolo – or despite the 30-year-old who once learned from Tom Brady for years with the New England Patriots. Again and again he allows himself mistakes that cause difficulties for the traditional team. Trey Lance, the designated successor, has been in the squad since this season. Garoppolo knows that any match for the 49ers can be his last. It could probably be the same in Los Angeles. But only in two weeks.

TV and streaming: Where are the games broadcast?

The matches in the NFL playoffs are all broadcast on German free television, either on ProSiebenMaxx or inmain program ProSieben. In addition, Ran streamsthe meetings on their website The streaming provider dazn also shows the NFL playoff games online.

Here you can find out where you can follow, watch and stream the individual matches in the NFL Playoffs 2022. We update the list below every week so you do not miss a game.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cinncinati Bengals / January 30, 2021, 21:00, live on ProSieben / / DAZN

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers / January 31, 2021, 00:30, live on ProSieben / / DAZN


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