NFL Finals: For the LA Rams: It’s now or never – sports

Quarterback Matthew Stafford (right) was brought in by the Rams from Detroit – the club offered a lot for it. Photo: dpa / Jae C. Hong

The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl, which takes place at their own stadium in February. The leaders took a big risk for this.

Stuttgart – In Los Angeles, dreams take shape and often come true. In the northwestern part of the city is the world’s largest factory for all kinds of emotions, from Hollywood the studios export Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. turbulent comedies, touching tragedies, fierce action and heartbreaking romance around the world. Los Angeles, the city of angels that has had this enchanting nickname since the 1998 movie of the same name, has also been home to less gentle creatures since 2016: the LA Rams (Aries), the club from the National Football League (NFL). ), has settled down at SoFi Stadium.

Aries also has a dream. This season it is a particularly exciting one, a thoroughly tempting one, just as it is sweet as Ambrosia drink of the gods. The Rams are aiming to reach the Super Bowl, the league final that takes place on February 13 at their home ground, and on top of that, the title remains in LA. How the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around star quarterback Tom Brady succeeded last year when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on their own property – the Rams get it this Sunday (21:00 / Pro 7) with the defending champion to make it to the playoffs far away. Florida.

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The season could be a blockbuster, they had a warm-up shot before the season. Director Walter Pfister, who directs “The Dark Knight” and “Prestige,” and who received an Oscar for “Best Camera” for “Inception,” put the Rams in the spotlight for a trailer – the 60-year-old directed head coach Sean McVay , quarterback Matthew Stafford and defensive end Aaron Donald on camera. “It feels like Hollywood,” McVay said at the time between video monitors and wardrobe trucks, “everything is first-class – now we have to live up to it in football.” If Pfister were to make a film about this season, the title would have to be: “It’s Now or Never!” Holding owner Stan Kroenke’s club took a risk for the dream of triumphing in the Super Bowl – the Rams did not sell their soul, but sold their future.

The NFL does not work like football in Europe, where clubs like Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City pay many millions for players because billionaires or sheiks have the money for it. In the NFL, the majority of the league’s income is distributed fairly among the 32 clubs that have a salary cap on the teams, and in selecting the best talents, the weaker clubs are chosen before the stronger ones in the so-called draft. When combining the squad, the leaders must perform a successful triple jump, which consists of smart action on the talent exchange (draft), successful trades from contracted professionals with other clubs and skilled negotiations with players without a contract.

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Because a blockbuster needs stars, because otherwise it is not one, Rams invested. So far, the calculation has worked, with twelve wins in the main round (five losses), Stafford convinced, in the wildcard playoffs against the Arizona Cardinals, the quarterback celebrated his first win in a knockout match ever. “It’s a team sport. But I know that if the quarterback plays well, a team has a better chance of winning,” Stafford said. The aging playmaker came at a high price. The 33-year-old was brought in by the Detroit Lions in exchange for quarterback Jared Goff (27) being sent to Detroit. As a prize for castling, the Californiaers gave the first draft pick ever and two other first-round picks to the Lions over the next two years.

In addition, Rams catcher Odell Beckham jr. in November following his expulsion from the Cleveland Browns. “I’m just glad I’m in a place where I’m having fun,” says the 29-year-old, which is also due to the fact that he can skim up to four million euros in LA. During the season, the Rams brought linebacker Vonnie “Von” Miller of the Denver Broncos in return for sacrificing access to the second and third rounds of the next talent show. “It feels like something out of the movies,” Von Miller said after settling in Los Angeles. The question remains: will it end as a nightmare or with a happy ending?

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