New yoga study in knowledge: “Yoga with Sarah”

Announcement from 13/02/2022

By Catherine Behner

“Get on the mat!” – this is the motto of Sarah Arnold, who recently opened her yoga studio in Taubenstrasse in Knowledge. The now 40-year-old made his first contact with yoga at a young age. She has now turned her passion into a profession.

On the occasion of the reopening of Sarah Arnold’s yoga studio, city manager Uli Noss congratulated. (Photo: KathaBe)

Knowledge. A few weeks ago, Sarah Arnold opened her new yoga studio in Taubenstrasse in Knowledge. It’s pretty brave, in the middle of the pandemic. City manager Uli Noss also thinks so and wishes congratulations on the opening and looks forward to another sporting offer in knowledge.

In the beautifully and lovingly designed rooms, the trained yoga teacher offers his students extensive opportunities to become acquainted with yoga or to deepen their existing knowledge in his courses. The bright studio with a beautiful view of knowledge provides enough space to arrive, yoga, relax and linger.

It has long been a heart’s desire to create a place where she can pass on her yoga knowledge to interested parties, says Sarah Arnold enthusiastically. With her 40th birthday, she has now fulfilled this dream.

Yoga is for everyone
“Yoga is so versatile and definitely something for everyone,” explains Sarah Arnold. She can now flexibly meet the growing demand for yoga in her own studio. It is important for Sarah Arnold to respond individually to the needs of those interested in yoga. Therefore, you will find a wide range of courses with her. There is something for everyone: whether it is for beginners, experienced, pregnant, new mothers or seniors. In addition to group offers, it is possible to book individual lessons or invite the trainer to your home for yoga.

Arnold’s yoga bonfire was lit at the age of twelve. Even then – she was also active in competitive tennis – her singing teacher gave her the impetus to start practicing yoga for more conscious breathing and focus. Since then, she has never let go of yoga. She practices yoga regularly and continues her education. She is trained in Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Strala Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, just to name a few. She has been teaching since 2015.

From Osnabrück to knowledge – tasting lessons and tasting courses
Sarah Arnold, who was born near Osnabrück, met her husband Klaus Arnold while studying German and American studies in Mainz. He, in turn, is a true connoisseur, which ultimately led the two to Siegstadt in 2015. This is where the North Germans are now seriously at home and have arrived. In addition to her work as a yoga teacher, she provides language instruction on online courses.

Sarah Arnold came up with something special for the start-up phase of her yoga studies: She offers free trial lessons to those who are interested. The next ones will take place on March 6th and 19th. Everyone who feels like it is welcome to come and look and pamper themselves with a break from everyday life.

Further information about the courses offered can be found on Sarah Arnold’s website here. (KathaBe)

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