Munich without a mask – this is how the first week goes with innkeepers, shops and gyms

Munich – Wear the mask in an instant when shopping or in the metro: It should not be a problem for most people in Munich.

But after a strenuous run or lifting of weights in the gym – such a thick FFP2 mask is much more uncomfortable. And being disguised as a waiter or clerk in the store for hours is not so pleasant either.

Even the guests at the pub have complained more often about the mask, some innkeepers reported. So it was often said in the Munich shops: Without the mask requirement, we would definitely have more customers again!

Masks are no longer mandatory

But since the beginning of this week, the mask is no longer mandatory in all these places. So what does this mean for gym operators? Will more people come to train there again? Or do some residents of Munich prefer to stay away for fear of infection?

Will the duty to vaccinate for care be suspended?  (icon image)

Corona virus news: mandatory vaccination for care under discussion


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Will the mask requirement still be enforced?

And how are Munich’s shops and inns doing with their employees and customers? Is there anyone still enforcing the mask requirement here?

AZ asked around in gyms and sports clubs, asked a landlord about his experience and looked at how it works without mask requirements, but with a mask in a store in Munich. And even though a mask is almost no longer prescribed anywhere, the omission of the obligation is not that much of a difference in everyday life for everyone.

Detail: “I think it’s good inside”

Emile Ried of the Teehandelsgesellschaft store in Alter Peter barely noticed that masks were no longer mandatory: “99 percent of our customers continue to wear masks,” Ried tells AZ. She herself also wears her mask in the shop: “I think it’s good indoors.”

Older customers in particular often told her to be more careful and therefore often be more careful with the mask. “The boys are more relaxed, but very conscious and considerate tea drinkers come to us,” she says. So there were no real problems – whether it was with mask requirements or without. “I think you’ve gotten used to Corona by now.”

In most stores in Bavaria – as in Ried’s store – there is no longer an official mesh obligation. According to a study by the Bavarian Trade Association, most stores rely on their customers taking personal responsibility and recommend wearing a mask if the store is busy. In two-thirds of all stores surveyed, employees would no longer be required to wear masks in the workplace, according to the association.

FFP2 masks in cheerful colors: Monika Wofinger takes them to her Parita fashion store in Schwabing "under no circumstances" from the range.

Shopping without a mask: how people in Munich handle the new freedom


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At Hugendubel, cashiers no longer have to wear masks.  (archive image)

No longer a general duty to wear masks: This is how the shops in Munich do …


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Gym: “It is important for us to take care of the elderly”

For Eric Simon, club manager for “Fitness First” in Haidhausen, the elimination of the mask requirement is directly noticeable: “Since January, there have been many new registrations, and April has also started really well,” he tells AZ. It could also be traced back to the masks. “Of course, the health of our members is very important to us. Safety First is our motto.” Everyone wears a mask as they please.

Nevertheless, the following also applies in his study: Train many people and it is difficult to keep distance, he recommends wearing a mask – even if it is no longer mandatory. In general, Simon is again very happy with the last few months: “The business is going really well again!” he says happily. “It really is a goosebumps moment.”

The atmosphere is just as good in “Jörgs Gym”, a fitness center for women in the Amalien Passage. Study leader Britta Degenkolbe says: “We have had an incredible recovery since the beginning of the year. Many are highly motivated and trust that we will not close anymore.”

But the response to the omission of the mask requirement was mixed: “Some are now very relieved that they no longer have to wear a mask. However, some continue to wear a mask.” Here, everyone can decide for themselves, says Degenkolbe. “It’s important to us that we show consideration for the elderly.” For the study, however, the situation has been much easier since the strict rules were abolished.

Boxwerk: “I have rented extra factory buildings”

Boxwerk boss Nick Trachte is happy that fewer rules have finally been introduced – even though they even made him renew himself: “Because of the many Corona requirements, there was a sudden need for more space at Boxwerk,” he says. “That’s why I rented factory buildings. That’s how the Boxvorstadt project came about, which is finally starting!”

Nevertheless, he welcomes the fact that the mask requirement has fallen this week: “The control effort is finally over, and it’s good to see more into faces than into masks again.” He’s happy to finally be able to welcome everyone back, he explains to AZ, noting: “My members are also really flourishing as far as I can see.”

Landlords: “It’s definitely the biggest relief for them”

For Markus Grenzdörffer, the host of Tannengarten in Sendling, the elimination of the mask requirement is a blessing, especially for his staff: “They are very happy,” he tells AZ, “it is certainly the greatest relief for them.” Working with a mask for many hours a day was not fun for her.

But his guests would also welcome the abolition of the mask requirement, although some of course continue to wear the mask. “Overall, the experience is very positive,” he says. Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association Dehoga also sees it this way: “Today is the best day in two years,” said Bayern CEO Thomas Geppert even euphorically as the mask demand fell over the weekend.

Munich Kindl Viktoria Ostler holds Aloisius' blue mask in her hand.  Guests Thorsten Schwerdt (left) and Harald Gieß raise their glasses.

Gastro in Munich: The mask requirement seems to have been forgotten


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But he also believes that the pandemic is not over yet: “I am aware that there may also be setbacks, none of us know how the virus will continue to behave.” Nevertheless, one has learned to deal with it and will respond quickly to new situations.

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