Monchi from Feine Sahne Fischfilet meets fitness influencer Sophia Thiel

Our DIFFUS cover story in April, which will be published on Sunday, brings together two people who could not be more different – and yet have much in common: Feine Sahne Fischfilet singer Monchi talks to fitness influencer Sophia Thiel about eating disorders, profits, the difficult Relationship to own body and his book “Never drunk: About the hunger for life and 182 kilos on weight.”

The basic idea of ​​our DIFFUS cover story has always been to gather exciting people that you have not often (or preferably never) met in a joint interview. But we must admit: we would never have dared to hope for the combination “Monchi meets Sophia Thiel”. As you know, Monchi is the singer in Feine Sahne Fischfilet – but recently also a book author. Today, his autobiographical book “Never satisfied: About hunger for life and 182 kilos on weight” is published. In it, Monchi writes in his incomparable tone about his youth, his manic eating habits, his intoxications, his annoyance with the Nazis and the state apparatus, and moments of insight.

During a long break from the band, exhausted from touring, he realizes that his lifestyle may not be the healthiest – and he needs to change something. With exercise and a healthier diet, he manages to lose 150 kilos. But do not panic: “Never satisfied” is not an instructive diet book or anything like that: it is more of a sometimes frighteningly gentle showdown with your life and your body, with moments of shame, but also a little hymn to music, family and friends.

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Sophia Thiel, on the other hand, was a bodybuilder and is one of the most successful fitness influencers in Germany, although the word “fitness” should not be emphasized too much, for what she conveys to her followers now goes far beyond that. When her career as a bodybuilder and influencer was at its supposed peak, Sophia suffered under her own success and the pressure to constantly look perfect.

An increasingly restrictive diet and extreme exercise turned what was originally a healthy and balanced lifestyle into a serious eating disorder. She withdrew for a while – and then very openly shared the healing process with her followers. She wrote the book Come Back Stronger: My Long Search for Myself about this time.


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Monchi: “I do not want people to judge my body!”

In the 90-minute conversation with Sophia, for example, Monchi tells how his appearance in Marteria’s video for “Nobody kills Marten” inevitably revealed the “secret” about his weight loss – and why he was not in the mood for the positive and negative reactions to it. “In fact, I’ve always been like this: I don’t care about what people say. It’s always done the exact opposite to me. When someone said to me, ‘Take it up,’ then it was like, ‘Fire at will!’ Not for you! Not an inch! Do not lose a pound, but rather eat more! ‘ So when I lost weight, I thought, ‘Shit, one day there will be pictures of me again’. He was then to post two or three photos with the band on social media.

In the photos, Monchi either hid behind the others or hung a blanket over her shoulders. “But then there was a situation where a buddy – such a rapper – called me to ask if I could join his music video. It was clear: We shoot completely free, celebrate on a boat, walk around bare-chested. It threw my plan to take a real, official picture at some point upside down. We even considered making myself fat again for the video. As with cool suits, as Rammstein used to do. So people can not see it. That was a serious consideration. But then I let go – and then the reaction came immediately. Our local newspaper wrote something along the lines of “Materia Video with Monchi has completely changed,” and I was talked up by journalists in the supermarket. “ Then he found: “I do not want to be judged by people for my body!” Whether it’s for better or worse.

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Sophia Thiel: “I’m a big fan of therapy!”

When Monchi says he has not received any therapy to date, Sophia makes a powerful prayer, which we absolutely wanted to quote here: “Therapy is great. I’m such a fan. This is the best. Everyone should have therapy. You do not need anything diagnosed for this, everyone has to carry their own package and therapy is internal hygiene. It is the best you can do! “

The full conversation between the two will be available on our YouTube channel from Sunday. In it, you learn how the two get their eating disorders under control, why Sophia always gets invitations to arm wrestling, what a “hardcore diet” is, what Sophia hears when she pumps, how Monchi feels when she pumps – and why Monchi does not. walking into them is allowed to enter the United States.

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