Lifetime doctor meets fitness pope: First Longevity Center

Who will not turn back time when it comes to cell biology! Two healthy living professionals are now collaborating on long-term medicine. In the first Longevity Center in Europe based in Munich, the check is based on the latest scientific developments in the fields of longevity, genetics, epigenetics, immunology and lifestyle medicine. From now on, professional performance diagnostics will be performed at PRIME TIME fitness, as it is otherwise used by professional athletes. Together, they now want to decode the personal lifetime code for longer health!

Henrik Gockel – Founder of Prime Time Fitness

“Fitness pope” Henrik Gockel, who teaches at the University of Applied Sciences for Health and Prevention, has long relied on diagnostics for sports professionals in his PRIME TIME fitness studies. Each gym member receives individual training plans and personal training.

“The Long Life Pope” and the bestselling author dr dr medical Dominik shower, who in 2013 was appointed to the research team for regenerative medicine, stem cell biology and cell signaling pathways at Stanford University in 2013, is now continuing his research into long-term medicine at the University of Tübingen. He has just opened the first Longevity Center in Munich Schwabing.

Both know that the most important prerequisite for successful therapy is the diagnosis based on a comprehensive professional examination!

First Longevity Center in Europe

at Dr. Dominik Showerer bases a check on the latest scientific developments in the areas of longevity, genetics, epigenetics, immunology and lifestyle medicine. Not just the genetic predisposition, but above all epigenetic signaturethat mitochondrial healthoxidative stress, cognitive health, sleep quality and stress resistance were considered. Furthermore, a history of the current lifestyle and medical history is made as well as a detailed blood analysis.

High-tech health status

At the same time, professional performance diagnostics are performed on PRIME TIME fitness, as is otherwise used by professional athletes. Prime Time fitness uses the most modern analysis methods such as Spiroergometry testone Respiratory gas analysis to determine individual endurance capacityas well FMS (Functional Movement Screen), which analyzes complex movement patterns. Even potential injury risks and weaknesses in the movement process can be uncovered in this way.

The analysis results can be used to identify potential health risks, even if there are no obvious symptoms. And this unique approach cell-friendly medicine enables decoding of the personal lifetime code for longer health. At the same time, the training methods are tailored and coordinated with the analysis results for immediate performance growth.

A healthier lifestyle is the key to a long, healthy life

The Longevity Center and PRIME TIME fitness team then help implement a healthier lifestyle with an individualized longevity regime. This includes better sleep quality, increased stress resistance, healthier nutrition and the most effective training for personal performance improvement. Because lifestyle changes (especially in diet and fitness), as well as ultra-personalized supplements and precise pharmacological interventions, can slow down biological aging. The holistic health plan, which is tailored to individual needs, is then checked and adjusted at regular intervals as needed.

dr dr with Dominik Duscher was also a guest in Prime Time fitness’s weekly web talk, which is offered along with daily fitness programs and nutrition coaching in Prime Time fitness’s free Virtual Club:

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