Innovative stick sensor technology for even smarter fitness equipment

Technology in focus: E-textiles offer new potential

In many industries electronic components such as sensors, electrodes, LEDs or antennas are already standard integrated into textiles to make machines and devices smarter and to make it more user-friendly.

This development also offers new opportunities for the fitness and health industry: “I am therefore very pleased that we are joining our partners ZSK Stickmaschinen and gym80 at our live trade fair in Munich present an innovative prototype can, which shows: E-textiles also has in health and fitness great potential“, say Ralph ScholzCEO of FitnessConnected.

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The new prototype offers these benefits

The prototype is one back stretching machine for the lower back muscles, in which three sensors – not noticeable to the user – integrated in the padding is.

ONE presence sensor detects if a person is sitting on the device and in this case activates the other two sensors: On pressure sensor in the back checked, about the person with their lower back and buttocks is close enough to the paddinga motion sensor so have correct movement execution in view.

Error correction via vibration

If the person is not in the correct starting position or overstretching during the movement, they receive via vibration feedback from the smart machine.

“In this development we see many benefitsas well as for the one who trains as well as for the gym operator. Just laymenit still unsure how to use the equipment get it then very easy help on how to do an exercise correctly. that Of course, technology does not replace the guidance of a professional trainer nor is that her point, ”he explains Tobias Lochhowethe responsible product manager at gym80.

she supports but at the same time, if, for example, there is no coach currently available, or a coach is reluctant to ask. For gym operators, it means above all one thing Relief of staff and further control over the safety and health of the practitionerContinued Lochthowe.

The underestimated potential of e-textiles

The electronic components are integrated into the padding by the embroidery process. “Of great advantage of embroidery compared to other methods it is Components are automatically connected by the machine with conductive threads be able to. Subsequent processes such as soldering are therefore no longer necessary, ”explains Melanie HørrManager of Technical Embroidery Applications, Smart & E-Textiles at ZSK Stickmaschinen.

The expert who performed the procedure for ZSK is already being used successfully in other applicationsadds: “We assume that fitness market a lot of potential have to it. Many Device manufacturers have so far known too little about the possibilities of e-textiles. I’m all the more happy that we can work with gym80 to change this at FitnessConnected, “continues Hörr.

Many other uses for e-textiles are conceivable

According to gym80, they are enthusiastic about this Visitor feedbackwho owns the innovative device from 18 to 20 November 2021 at the Munich Exhibition Center be able to. “We can imagine E-textiles also in other devices in the future to use and test, ”concludes Tobias Lochthowe.

With look to the future Melanie Hörr adds: “In addition to electrodes that are far from the body, such as those used in the gym80 prototype, there are other electrodes body electrodesthat e.g. integrated into clothing and measuring vital signs such as an ECG. I could imagine that, especially for the fitness industry in the future, sensors close to the body and close to the body will communicate with each other lets and Training even smarter and more effective power. The road is not over yet there are still many options. “

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