Indian Wells: Tennis star Nick Kyrgios freaks out when he goes bankrupt against Rafael Nadal! – TENNIS

Australia’s tennis star Nick Kyrgios (26) is completely freaking out again!

In the quarterfinals of Indian Wells, California, Kyrgios lost 6: 7 (0: 7), 7: 5 and 4: 6 to world tennis star Rafael Nadal (35). This causes the Australian to rage again …

Why Kyrgios attacked a fan, what American actor Ben Stiller (56) has to do with it, why he was angry at the referee, and how he almost hit a ball boy with a bat in the face – Kyrgios’ crazy freak show in an instant.

It starts shortly before the end of the first sentence: Kyrgios loudly insults a fan. In the tie-break, it is already 6-0 to Nadal, for this offense the Australian gets a penalty point against himself. As a result, Nadal wins the first set.

In the middle of the third sentence, Kyrgios starts arguing with a fan sitting next to Ben Stiller. Kyrgios asks the tab if he is good at tennis, who says no. Kyrgios replied, “Exactly, do not tell me how to play. I will tell him [zeigt dabei auf Stiller]how to act? None.”

Moments later, a fan screams loudly at a serve from Kyrgios, abandoning the point and the game. Then he completely loses his temper and attacks the referee.


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Kyrgios: “How long do you want to let this idiot go like this? How long bro? If you had done something about it, it would not have happened now. Look at the fucking result, it’s your job to deal with the fans. You allow it again and again. Well done bridge, well done. I can not believe how well you handle the audience. “

After the match, Kyrgios goes to the normal handshake with Nadal, but then throws his racket on the ground with full force. This bounces off so unhappily that it almost hits a ball boy dodging at the speed of thought. It could have been eye-opening!

Kyrgios then tries to downplay the incident in an interview: “What can I say about it? Was that obviously my intention? None Because I threw a bat. Did I originally throw the bat near him? The bat landed a meter from my foot, slipped and almost hit it. I’m a human being. Such things happen. “

And further: “It was obviously a very unfortunate recovery. I think if I had done it a million times more, it would not have ended like this. What do you want to hear from me? The bat was ten feet from the boy. This is a question you ask after a three-hour battle against Nadal. Is that how you get me here? ”

Kyrgios later posted a chat story with the ball boy, who was almost hit by the bat, on Twitter. He wrote: “Got a new friend in the process. Accidents happen, but we can strive to make things better.”

Kyrgios apologized and offered him one of his clubs as compensation. The ballman accepted the apology and the offer.

Everything is good, ends well? Nadal does not see it that way, demanding consequences in light of the increasing freaking of tennis professionals. Most recently, Alexander Zverev was outraged when he repeatedly hit the judge’s chair with his bat.

Nadal: “As such situations become more and more common, ATP should perhaps review things and make decisions. Otherwise, something bad could happen.” However, he did not even see the situation around Kyrgios and the ball boy and can therefore not judge it.

Tennis stars like Kyrgios and Zverev need more control over their emotions – otherwise they actually risk hurting someone else. It would again have drastic consequences.

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