In districts with an incidence of over 1000: Bavaria introduces a lockdown in many places

Status: 19.11.2021 14:23

Bars and clubs close, Christmas markets canceled: Bavaria has drastically tightened its corona measures. A lockdown will be imposed in counties with an incidence of over 1000, Prime Minister Söder explained.

Bavaria has canceled all Christmas markets due to the dramatic corona situation in the country. In addition, clubs, bars and all-night restaurants will be closed again. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) after a meeting in his cabinet in Munich. Action should be taken where there is the most contagion, the head of government said as justification.

These closures are nationwide. The state government therefore wants to exempt retailers from the 2G rule, but limit the number of customers to one per. ten square meters. In addition, a curfew must be introduced from 10 pm for the restaurant industry.

Markus Söder, Prime Minister of Bavaria, on the planned corona measures in Bavaria

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Lockdown for unvaccinated

The key component of the new measures is “a de facto lockdown for the unvaccinated across the country,” the prime minister said. A maximum of five unvaccinated people from two households must then attend.

Nationwide, 2G and 2G plus are “massively expanded” so that the unvaccinated no longer have access to many areas – such as hairdressers, universities or adult education centers. The trade will remain open to the unvaccinated, Söder added.

Culture and Sports: Maximum 25 percent viewers

For events in the field of culture and sport, there is an upper limit of 25 percent occupancy, which also limits the number of spectators to matches from Bavarian clubs in the Bundesliga. In addition, the 2G-plus rule applies there – access for vaccinated and healthy people only with one test.

Achim Wendler, BR, on the forthcoming shutdown in parts of Bavaria

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Lockdown on occurrences above 1000

Bavaria is also introducing a lockdown for counties with a corona frequency of over 1000. “Here, everything has to be closed,” Söder said. Public life to be shut down in large areas: gastronomy, sporting and cultural events as well as body-related services would be banned, according to the Prime Minister. There will be exceptions for day care, schools and retail. In the retail trade, one customer per 20 square meters in these counties. For nursing homes, there is a test obligation before entry.

The closure measures should apply until mid-December. Eight Bavarian counties currently have an incidence of over 1000. Söder said he expected an increase here. The Cabinet’s decisions are due to be brought before the state parliament on Tuesday and will be decided there.

Therefore, lockdowns are still possible

Until the end of the epidemic 25/11 the federal states can still use the previous catalog of measures to combat the pandemic. Therefore, also order such strict measures as exit restrictions or general closure, which are no longer stipulated in the new Infection Control Act. And by law, these potentially harsh measures can also be used for a transitional period until December 15th continue to apply.

appeal to citizens

Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) once again appealed to the people of the Free State to be vaccinated and voluntarily reduce their contacts. The health system is threatened by collapse.

Bavaria tightens corona measures

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