How the new training program makes us fitter, stronger, more enduring and gives us a firm butt

Once again, new fitness trends are emerging, including piloxing fitness. What is it beautiful again? Is this something for me and my fitness goals? We create clarity – maybe it’s something for you, bring a breath of fresh air to your training plan and the necessary boost to get closer to your fitness and body goals this summer with fun and joy and get an extra dose of energy and profits. Maybe it will be your new favorite course? Who knows – try it, it might be worth it.

Piloxing Fitness: What is it?

Piloxing is high-intensity interval training that combines pilates, boxing and dance elements in a group training format. It was invented and conceived by the Swedish-born VIP trainer and fitness expert Viveca Jensen. She can look back on many years of training and experience in dance, pilates and boxing training as well as in bodybuilding. The training combines intense, exhausting boxing movements for more strength and energy, with body- and body-shaping Pilates elements that strengthen and elegantly lengthen the muscles.

What does Piloxing Fitness bring, what can I achieve with the training?

Piloxing fitness in the studio with a trainer

The benefits of the Pilates elements are the building of long, lean but powerful muscles along with an improvement in mobility as well as body control and movement coordination. The boxing elements give you defined arm and back muscles, are fun, provide energy and help you release steam and release endorphins. Dancing clearly brings fun, graceful movements and endurance. This successful combination will take your breath away and prevent you from getting bored. Give it a try and spice up your workout plan with some refreshing, dynamic variation.


Piloxing Fitness Mix by Pilates Boxing Dance

In summary, the intensive training increases your physical fitness through its elements and also improves your mental state and mood. You get energy, shapes and tones throughout your body and significantly improves your endurance and movement control. Individual problem areas such as “slack arms” are tackled specifically and the tight bottom is also expressed. The back gets a nice muscle structure and let’s not forget: a beautiful back can also delight.

Do you work out at home or in the gym?

After the training course in Studio Super Feeling

Workout in the gym with piloxing gloves

It is clear that training in group classes in the gym has several benefits. The music and group dynamics bring a great fun factor and it is extremely motivating to persevere and stay informed. In addition, the coach is present and keeps an eye on you. He or she can therefore give direct instructions or feedback and can correct you if you do not perform a movement correctly. All movements can be changed to different individual fitness levels. So it is suitable for both beginners and experienced fitness users. Here, too, the coach can give you direct, competent instructions and tips. The trainer also lends you the piloxing gloves in the gym, which you can use there for free and therefore do not necessarily have to buy them yourself.

Train alone at home

Exercise alone at home

But if you still prefer to work out at home or in the garden, alone or with your partner or with friends, Piloxing fitness videos or DVDs are also available in stores. This way you get training instructions and have the opportunity to try the training without having to go to the gym or in the group.

Piloxing fitness training with friends

Tip: If you want to train at home, get a large mirror so you can see that your movements are performed correctly. Especially in Pilates, the correct execution of the movement is top priority. Provide a training environment without accidents and injuries to minimize the likelihood of injury.

What do I need for the training?

Weight gloves as resistance during training

You do not need a lot of equipment for piloxing training. Tight-fitting, functional training clothes and non-slip shoes are recommended. You can also train barefoot if you prefer and feel more comfortable that way. There are also special piloxing training gloves on the market that have a lightweight built-in weight. They intensify boxing by increasing resistance. In the gym, these are usually given to the training group before the course. Otherwise, you only need a serving of good humor combined with the desire to exercise and train, which may also come from this crisp workout alone.

What precautions should I take?

Ask your doctor if you have any health problems

Because this is high intensity interval training, if you have a medical condition or chronic illness or are taking medication, you should talk to your doctor beforehand to determine if this is right for you. As with any workout, you should always pay attention to your own body sensation and pay attention to how your body responds and responds to the specific movement stimulus. Ultimately, see if it’s something you enjoy and enjoy, because that’s when you get the most out of it.

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