How Bayern fooled Barcelona

Dhe FC Barcelona versus Bayern Munich: Millions watch – when the match starts. On Thursday, the two top European clubs in the sport played basketball. Everyone who did not watch missed something – Bayern’s victory in the second Euroleague play-off match: 90:75 to Munich in Barcelona, ​​which was almost quiet in the hall.

Agencies wrote about a sensation. But there are sensations every day. The match offered more than one presumably intoxicating feeling for Bayern fans, nurtured by the inner voice that anything but a losing streak against the most successful team in Europe’s best league this year was a miracle.

Basketball offers few approaches to the inexplicable, no matter how spectacular dribbles, flights or grandiose throwing quotas from the center, ie from the other part of the city, can occur. About 85.7 percent of three (six out of seven) by Deshaun Thomas from Munich. No wonder, pretty hard training.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Basketball is more about quick changes, from one day to the next, from zero to tonight’s top man, to choosing a solo. It was worth watching, but in itself it was not a special moment in the game itself.

In very few sports, coaches and teams can develop so directly, quickly and efficiently. What happened between the defeat in the first of a maximum of five matches on Tuesday and the second home match for the Spanish title favorites?

Bayern, who started without Darrun Hilliard (broken collarbone in the first match), how transformed? No not really. Set up differently, instructed differently, with a new battle plan: fast play, Barcelona do not give time to give the defense access and stifle Munich’s offensive in the race with the current attack time, forcing the players to make emergency throws.

You have to use short players for that, fast, attacking, you have to give them responsibility and leave the big ones on the bench (about twenty minutes of playing time for the two centers). Andreas Obst, barely used in the first game, 15 minutes, 15 points in the second, the three-point specialist who fired one as there were only fractions of a second left to even get his fingers in the ball in time. Away with it in the greatest stress, in the important moment.

Then the siren sounded before the ball fell through the ring. An important hit, a big point. Quiet around. It was also “just” a detail of a great Bayern match, which was not characterized by a particularly high degree of error-freeness (16 turnovers), apart from Thomas’ performance (25 points). The special quality lay in the change, which was based on a recognizable plan as the game progressed. So the chance in basketball, with a certain minimum quality, to surprise and amaze greats like Barcelona thanks to a clever head (you can not do without a big heart anyway), to throw them out of their rhythm.

Brandon Davis (8 points), Dante Exum (2), Nicola Mirotic 16, but the star is not at his admirable height. Why? Because Munich’s toxic defense often went well with successful attacks in the attack. Bayern no longer allowed the home team. What follows?

First a charged third match on Wednesday in Munich, the first of two home matches. Here Bavaria, electrified by what seems possible. There Barcelona, ​​spurred on by their own claim to live up to the huge expectation. Something is brewing. Barcelona will come up with something to avoid chasing Bayern’s tactics again in almost an entire match, in vain. And the Bavarians? Will try to predict the reaction. Exciting.

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