Healthy for body and mind: What type of yoga is right for you? 10 styles in an instant

Flexibility, awareness and body positivity: Yoga can support you in many ways. But which yoga style suits you? We present 10 popular forms of yoga.

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Yoga is very popular all over the world. The breathing and meditation techniques calm the mind and increase the awareness of one’s own body. Your body becomes more flexible and stronger with time as the yoga postures are held for a long time.

The many different exercises strengthen your body awareness and make it easier for you to determine the cause of the pain. The best thing about it: Yoga suits everyone!

10 different forms of yoga

Each style focuses on a different aspect: You can exaggerate yoga as training or focus more on mindfulness or flexibility.

If you are unsure, you can just try different styles and then decide. To practice yoga, you only need comfortable clothes and a yoga mat.

1. Hatha Yoga

This yoga style is one of the most popular. He combines body, breathing and meditation and is tradition conscious. The yoga class usually begins with a stretch across the body, followed by yoga figures (asanas) in a variable order.

The figures can be learned quickly and are therefore ideal for beginners. Well-known asanas are downward-facing dogs, the sun salutation, and the cobra. The unit ends with meditation while lying down (Shavasana), where the movement of the body is tracked.

Since there are many yoga figures, physical limitations are not a problem. Figures that can not be performed are simply exchanged with others.

Style: powerful and calm, ideal for beginners and experienced

How to perform the sun salutation
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2. Ashtanga Yoga

In Ashtanga Yoga, the yoga postures (asanas) change fluently. The style is particularly dynamic and challenging. Breathing is also incorporated into the movement, which is considered to be particularly difficult. Asanas are in a fixed order. The style is suitable for beginners who want to train or for advanced Hatha Yogis.

Style: dynamic and sporty, for advanced and as training for beginners

3. Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, the individual positions are held for a particularly long time. “Yin” stands for letting go – the mind must remain in the present and perceive its emotions. The positions are held for up to 15 minutes while the muscles are stretched and relaxed. Voltages can be triggered. The mind becomes calm and you can listen to yourself. Suppressed emotions can appear.

style: calm and concentrated, suitable for beginners and experienced

Yin yoga

A class doing yin yoga together
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Kurdalini Yoga

This yoga style dynamically combines breathing techniques, singing, meditation and asanas. The goal is to release chakras and energies and spiritually awaken the yogi. This yoga practice is close to the teachings of Tantra.

The lower chakras must be opened so that energy can flow into the upper ones. The yogi should then be able to handle everyday problems more calmly. Kurdalini yoga is recommended for beginners who are interested in spirituality. The dynamic movements can also make yogis sweat.

Style: dynamic and spiritual – suitable for beginners and experienced

5. Aerial Yoga

One of the most unusual yoga styles is probably air yoga. The various asanas (yoga figures) are performed in the air using a cloth. The six square meter cloth hangs from the ceiling and supports you in your exercises. The cloth helps you take positions that you could not hold on the ground.

You will improve your balance over time. The torso muscles are trained and tension in the neck is relieved. Aerial yoga also integrates breathing techniques. Aerial yoga is also suitable for beginners and for people who due to their weight or poor training do not dare to do another yoga class.

Style: Yoga in the air, suitable for beginners

air yoga

Weightless yoga with a towel
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6. Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga combines 24 asanas and two breathing techniques. Endurance, agility and strength are trained. All this takes place in very warm rooms. The temperature is around 40 degrees and stimulates sweating.

The high temperature and humidity serve to detoxify the body and minimize the risk of extensive damage. Spirituality only plays a random role here.

Style: sweaty, light on the joints and suitable for beginners

Bikram Yoga

Dynamic yoga figures at 40 degrees
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7. Iyengar Yoga

In Iyengar yoga, the focus is on the precise execution of asanas. Aids such as yoga blocks, belts and pillows are used, and no mantras or music are used. The yogis are specifically observed and improved in their performance.

Iyengar yoga is therefore very suitable for beginners and people with physical disabilities. In the yoga style, body control is trained in particular, breathing techniques are learned and the muscles are strengthened.

Style: calm and focused, with aids – suitable for beginners and physically challenged

Iyengar Yoga

With a yoga block, asanas can be performed even more accurately
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8. Hormonyoga

In hormone yoga, energy must flow into organs responsible for hormone production. The therapeutic form of yoga is aimed at women with menstrual pain, menopause or with an unfulfilled desire to have children.

Elements of Hatha and Kurdalini Yoga are combined. Respiratory and muscle relaxation exercises are designed to correct hormonal imbalances.

Style: calm, for women with hormonal imbalances

9. Jivamukti Yoga

This yoga style combines strenuous training with spirituality. “Jiva” means the individual self and “mukti” means liberation. Through compassion, yogis are said to establish a hormonal relationship with themselves and those around them.

This style is based on 5 elements: peaceful coexistence, appreciation of the divine and self-realization, music and song, traditional scriptures (such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) and meditation.

Style: spiritual and dynamic, suitable for beginners – prior knowledge useful

10. Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga, asanas are performed dynamically and linked to the breath. The yoga style trains the body and calms the mind. The order of the asanas is variable and is composed by the teacher.

Through movement and breathing technique, thoughts flow and can then come to rest. In addition, the body is strengthened and balance is promoted.

Style: dynamic and demanding, suitable for beginners with an affinity for fitness

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