Hatha yoga: Take care of spring and take care of yourself


Adapt to spring – and take care of yourself at the same time

Breathe in and relax – breathe out and relax: For many people, yoga is the way to a fulfilling life.


Getting out of winter relaxation? You are not alone. Reporter Bianca Bödeker attended a yoga class

Quickborn. Spend some time with yourself every day. Quote from the Dalai Lama. What the spiritual leader of Tibet advises, I put into practice today TuS Holstein Quickborn around. Together with yoga teacher Ute Jotzer (58) and seven other yoga fans. We are all looking forward to a mindful Hatha yoga class. And forms a circle.

A candle burns in the middle. “I’m really glad you’re here,” Ute greets us and asks about the individual sensitivities. As always, it’s shoulders, neck, loins. Well, then get on with it. “We are starting to lie down with relaxation,” says Ute, adding: “It is important to me that everyone takes care of themselves. Maintain your own boundaries and have the courage to take a break. ”

Yoga is a millennial, holistic Indian teaching

“Imagine how all the excitement and all the thoughts can flow into the ground with each exhalation,” Ute says quietly. We tense different muscles one after the other and release them again. “Feel the surface you are lying on. Become aware of your body and feel your breathing at the same time. This allows you to fully reach here and now. ”

Yoga is a millennial Indian teaching based on the holistic nature of body, mind and soul. And mindfulness – for many the path to a fulfilling life. Maybe that’s exactly why yoga is so popular.

Also with Thomas Pergande, who is lying next to me on the mat today. He has been coming here for yoga for 15 years. “I’ve always had back problems,” the 57-year-old says later. Since practicing yoga, Thomas has felt more stability and relaxation in his body. “Conscious breathing is a beautiful thing.”

Strengthen the leg muscles in the wood

It is correct. Who does not know, this breath through life? Always be in action, clockwise and with tunnel vision! In this protected space, this morning is time to calm down, take root and strengthen yourself. We do it with the wooden position to strengthen the leg muscles – from the thigh to the calf to the ankle and foot. That way we get strength and length in the torso and the entire spine and improve our posture.

We practice the eight directions of movement of the spine, the warrior, the hero, the isosceles triangle. And work with the voice. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, rotate your pelvis, and deliver alternating vowels. With the aim of activating our chakras – from root to armor chakra. The crown chakra gets an “m” – it brightens the mood, I’m learning.

More than an hour has now passed. I am well warmed up, feeling grounded, relaxed and refreshed. And somehow cheerful. Time to say thank you. We do this by placing our hands on top of each other. “Breathe in and out of your heart space,” Ute says. “Smile in your heart. Think of something you are grateful for.”

There is a 15-minute meditation journey at the end

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Through toning, tapping and stroking, we harmonize and relax the thyroid gland, thymus, pancreas and kidneys. We take the Namasté position, place our palms together at heart level and bend.

Then it’s back to the mat for a 15 minute meditation journey. Well covered, we lie on our backs and listen to the gentle words of our yoga teacher before finally stretching our limbs out.

“Yoga goes through the whole body,” says Gerda Jotzer, as we put our mats back in their original place at the end of the course. The 87-year-old is the oldest in the group. Gerda enjoys the yoga class. It continues to give her strength, mobility and strengthens her sense of balance. She thinks her daughter Ute is doing well. I agree. Outside, everyone gives the choice. All you have to do is relax and strengthen your body with yoga, or at the same time get going – on your way to yourself.

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