Hamburg Towers: “Without passion, neither sport nor business works”

Hamburg. The match against FC Bayern München on Sunday (18.00 / MagentaSport) in Arena as an application game for Justus Hollatz to appoint the point guard would Hamburg towers not fair. The talent, who has been 21 since last Thursday, does not have to look anywhere, it is the other way around. Even NBA teams compete for the Harburger.

Totally open to if and where Hollatz moves into the summer. But business advertising outside the basketball league floor has been decided. To Lüneburg clothing company “Tellem”, who has been the official partner of the Towers for years, has signed a contract with Hollatz as a partner athlete. Under the motto “Do not lose your juice”, the country player is the company’s face with a sweater specially designed for him. Abendblatt spoke with Tellem’s CEO Timo Kröger (32) and Hollatz: about their friendship, athletes as brands and the parallels between sport and business.

Hamburger Abendblatt: Hr. Hollatz, who actually gave you the nickname “Juice”?

Justus Hollatz: “My former teammate Heiko Schaffartzik. When I hit a couple of threes, he said the juice was loose.”

Gentlemen, which startup is currently running more successfully: Hollatz or Tellem?

Timo Kröger (laughs): “Definitely from Justus! That’s a good thing. I have more time with Tellem than an athlete whose career is limited. But I’m also happy with how things are going in our company. The last two years of the Corona pandemic were not easy. But from an athlete’s point of view, Justus can also sing a song about it. So I would say we’re both fine, but Justus is still a bit ahead. But we both have room for improvement. “

Sir. Kröger, you mentioned it: What parallels do you see between athletes and entrepreneurs?

Kroeger: “You may be able to succeed in the short term if you do not enjoy what you do, but it does not work in the long term. Passion and patience are the most important basic requirements for me. I think I can speak for Justus and myself : Sport does not work without passion, still business. “

Professional athletes are often referred to as Ich-AGs. How much selfishness does it take to be successful?

wooden bib: “To a certain extent, yes, I play the sport as a job, I enjoy it and want to make my money on it. The better an athlete performs and keeps taking the next step, the more it pays off. Team success is just as important, Basketball is a team sport, and every club is looking for players who can make others better. “

You’re one of the greatest talents in Europe, and you’ve signed up for the NBA Draft. Many experts believe that you have a great career. Are fake friends forcing themselves now?

wooden bib: “Unfortunately, that’s what I experienced. After I signed up for the NBA Draft, a lot of messages came in, I was asked for tickets. Fortunately, my family made sure I did not fall for something like that. Timo is a friend and business partners accepted by my parents (laughs). “

Pro players have one, sometimes even multiple advisors. Justus Hollatz is cared for by the well-known agency “Beo Basket”. However, start-up agents do not exist. Sir. Kröger, would you sometimes wish for something like that, or is it so appealing to try it?

Kroeger: “Trying things out is extremely important. Even if something does not work the first time, it is still very instructive. You get annoyed for a moment, learn from your mistakes and then just keep going. Justus does not just listen to a mistake In the Towers I am either open person who listens to a lot from others and demands feedback. So I do not have “one agent”, but I have a great environment with which I regularly exchange ideas. “

wooden bib: “You keep asking me if things look cool. You’re the design expert (laughs). So far I’ve had no objections, I like it all. If I need advice, Timo is always there, he is a good a Reflective surface outside the sports bubble. “

Which is more likely: That Justus Hollatz signs an NBA contract, or that you and your company will sponsor jerseys in Towers?

Kroeger: “That’s a good question: I could definitely imagine becoming more present in the Towers with Tellem. As a supplier or shirt sponsor – I’m still a long way off. I think Justus’ move to the NBA will come sooner. I is safe “It’s important to take the right step at the right time. If you want too much too fast, it can also be counterproductive. “

wooden bib: “Then I would not mind Tellem as the jersey sponsor of the NBA.”

Kroeger (laughs): “It shows why I do not need a business consultant. Justus has good enough ideas. I can trust him.”

What benefits do you see for Tellem in sports sponsorships, and why does this type of advertising make sense in general?

Kroeger: “First of all, I have to say that it was a great feeling to see our logo on a billboard in the arena for the first time. It was really great. Our company and Towers share the same values. Streetwear and basketball also go together authentically. In general If the sport is seen positively, companies can achieve credibility. Based on discussions with other sponsors, I can say with certainty that sponsorship of the Towers is worthwhile in the long term, if you make a partnership authentic and interesting – here sport offers many creative starting points. Of course, as a sponsor, we also benefit from the interest in the Towers, whether it is from the media or from the fans who come to the hall. It is a give and take. We also want to do something to make basketball in Hamburg even bigger. . “

Sir. Kröger, you can now openly admit it: is the Athletic Partnership an attempt to persuade Justus Hollatz to stay with Towers?

Kroeger: “No, I wholeheartedly detest him his way, although I prefer to see him in the Towers jersey. The partnership is the result of our friendship, which began when he was 17. At that time, I brought clothes to the team, which all the players ran “Only Justus reluctantly asked if he could get a cap too. I found that so sympathetic. In this honest way, he can show others what can be achieved. That’s the message that Tellem’s products should send.”

There is adversity in both business and sport. Be it, for example, an injury to an athlete or a pandemic in business. How do you support each other when things are not going so well?

Kroeger: “As in any friendship, we are of course each other’s suggestion box. If it does not go with Justus, I make contact to cheer him up. We go out and eat, do something together. I can always count on him too if something is up to me. “Sometimes it’s just good to clear our heads and talk about common visions for the future. We have some cool ideas. The partnership also serves to establish social projects, which Justus was also very important.”

They make us curious. What are you specifically planning?

“We want to inspire children and teenagers, for example by visiting one or the other club during training in the break. Such a day can trigger a lot in young athletes – also for life. If I think further, I would like to be part of “At one point, Tellem is building basketball courts to create places where young people, but of course everyone else, can meet and connect. Sport has given me so much in my life, and I want to be an example with our products and brand experiences.”

wooden bib: “First it’s a friendship, then a collaboration. The financial aspect is secondary.”

Speaking of money: are you taking care of your investments, Mr. Hollatz?

wooden bib: “So far, I’ve kept track of things. Especially since I’m generally not someone who wastes money. I’re saving a fixed percentage. If I earn more in the future, my agency will help me consult a financial advisor.”

Even if you are frugal, honestly, what do you want to pamper yourself with from your first big contract?

wooden bib: “I would use some of it to thank my family, who have been extremely supportive, for coming up with something for them. And I must not forget my boyfriend either, otherwise I will be stressed (laughs).”

Updated: Sat, 23/04/2022, 08:00

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