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Players need special tools: A functional, accurate and high-quality gaming keyboard is just as important as a gaming mouse. Why? Shaky keystrokes, delayed response times and annoying layouts lead to virtual death. This makes it less fun to play and you quickly get frustrated. The keyboard must also be robust: professional players press the keys with their fingers ten times a second – top players in “StarCraft 2” can handle even 300 game actions per minute. Of course, the design is also important, because gamers usually like it colorful. Since the alm WindowsKeyboard on the table nothing to look for. The only question left is which gaming keyboard was convincing in the test? One thing first: the differences in quality between the clack boards are as big as the drop in the rankings in a multiplayer game “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare”.

Test winner: SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

  • Comfortable stroke and pressure point
  • Fast transmission of input
  • Keyboard without palm rest slightly too high

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL is great to use: it transmits input extremely fast, and ghosting is a foreign word for it. Drop and push point are comfortable, using the included wrist rest works comfortably – the keyboard is a little too high without rest. Fine accessories: The keyboard can be lit with RGB LEDs if desired, and a hub with a looped-through USB 3.0 port is installed.

Pristip: Roccat Vulcan Pro


Vulcan Pro Linear (DE)

  • Fast transmission of input
  • No ghosts
  • The pressure point requires a lot of force, the key drop is quite long

The mechanical Roccat Vulcan Pro keyboard with its open keys is an unusual input device – but a real eye-catcher. In the test, it transmitted commands and inputs really fast, but the pressure point requires a relatively large amount of force, and the migration is also quite long. There is a separate memory for archiving your own key tasks and programming, as well as RGB lighting that can be dimmed in 70 steps. But she has no other extras.

We primarily test gaming keyboards for their gaming suitability. Testers examine the pressure point of the keys, assess the resistance and assess how easy or difficult they are to press. But players do not just play, they chat, type and work with the same keyboard. Therefore, the sense of writing also plays a big role in the evaluation.

We play all keyboards in the test for several hours.

The functionality must be right: are there programming options, can profiles be created, how many additional function assignments are possible? The COMPUTER PICTURE testers ask for all this.

Ultimately, the eye plays along and gamers want RGB lights that can be adjusted to the desired lighting mood. In addition, USB ports for, for example, mice or hardware wallets are becoming increasingly popular. The rule here is: the more, the better.

What are mechanical keyboards?

There are basically two types of keyboards: membrane models and mechanical keyboards. While conventional office models register the keystroke by pressing through a rubber layer (the membrane), a switch is pressed into the mechanical outlets, the so-called switch. It basically acts as a light switch. When the button is pressed, a circuit closes and the signal is sent. Many mechanical input devices use MX switches from the German manufacturer Cherry.

But MX switches also differ from each other: there are red, brown, blue and others, they all have a different stop. They can be roughly categorized into linear switches, tactile switches and clicky switches. To put it simply: the linear mechanics can be pushed through without feedback, while the tactile and clickable contacts produce a kind of click noise and resistance. Which switch is the best? It’s a matter of taste. You can find out more details about the mechanics, the switches and what anti-ghosting is all about in the article “Mechanical Keyboards: Typing and Typing with Depth”.

Why do I need a mechanical keyboard?

And why do players need mechanical keyboards now? They last longer, while the writing feel and feedback are more accurate, and input can be transmitted almost without delay. Therefore, the professional league recommends mechanical keyboards. There are now a number of gaming keyboards with mechanical switches – which model was able to convince in the test?

Gaming keyboard test

No typing errors: game keyboards in the test!

Test conclusion: Gaming keyboards in comparison

It is not surprising that a mechanical keyboard won the COMPUTER PICTURE test: The Apex Pro TKL from SteelSeries offers great handling, good workmanship and is not overloaded with unnecessary controls. With a price of more than 179 euros, it is not a bargain, but it is significantly cheaper than at the time of the test in March 2021. If you want something cheaper, you can use the G413 from Logitech, which did not make any. major errors in the comparison test. A real eye-catcher is Roccat Vulcan Pro: This is where function meets style. And with 157 euros on the price tag, it is relatively cheap. If you have a little more money in your pocket, you can also take a look at the Corsair K100. It took second place in the test, but for 210 euros it costs significantly more than the test winner.
  • Comfortable stroke and pressure point
  • Fast transmission of input
  • There are no game profiles

Build your own mechanical keyboard

Gaming is no longer just playing games – it’s a lifestyle! So it is good manners to assemble its own PC from individual parts. The same goes for keyboards, which can now be customized to your own needs. You can find out how this works in our tips article on “Assembling mechanical keyboards yourself”.

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