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By Heike A. Batzer, Fürstenfeldbruck

The extension and remodeling of a gym in this case is not something that only concerns the developer, the licensing authorities and the athletes themselves. In the case of Hardy’s in Fürstenfeldbruck, it hits the whole city, because in the future the gym wants to open up to Viehmarktplatz and open a mix of fitness bar and café with outdoor area. In this way, the company is, so to speak, at the forefront of the redesign of the space.

Hardy’s would like to revitalize the green area at Viehmarktplatz in Fürstenfeldbruck with exercise equipment in the future.

(Photo: Carmen Voxbrunner)

During a tour of the construction site, nearly a dozen city councilors and Fürstenfeldbruck Mayor Erich Raff (CSU) briefed themselves on the progress. It actually still looks like a construction site, but the opening should be on November 22nd. In particular, representatives from the Brucker Bürgervereinigung (BBV) came, as they are the ones who have repeatedly fought for the cattle market square and also held a civic party there for many years. For years, there has been a discussion about what the Viehmarktplatz in the city center should look like in the future, which is divided into a northern area with the parking lots and a southern area where the green market takes place every Thursday and the Christmas market. In December. In March, BBV applied for an advance on the redevelopment of the southern area, which now also includes the plans for Hardy’s.

Fürstenfeldbruck: Politicians are allowed to try the café's first dishes.

Politicians are allowed to taste the café’s first dishes.

(Photo: Carmen Voxbrunner)

The gym now pays in advance with its gastronomy, which the owner family Klinke from Schondorf will run themselves and which will be open to everyone – daily from early morning at 6 to 23, on weekends from 9 to 9 in the afternoon. The “Dailys – Juice Bar and Kitchen” website, as the restaurant will be called, already exists, as will a menu. According to the concept of fitness in nutrition, smoothies are served, for example, made from ginger, apple, orange and lemon. Or bowls with red lentils, ginger, coriander or porridge with blueberries and bananas, but also salads, sandwiches, coffee and cake. Fitness not only consists of “muscle building, endurance and endurance,” says Johannes Klinke during the trip, “but also of relaxing, having fun and having fun. We believe that healthy is what makes you happy.”

fitness center

The fitness center will open its own bar and café on 22 November. Simulation: Day & Light lighting design by Markus Tuppen

Part of the training operation will be visible from the catering area. The studio currently has an area of ​​2,600 square meters, but in the future there will be almost 5,000 and two floors more than before. A later second construction phase will then integrate, among other things, a swimming pool and a smaller wellness pool as well as its own physiotherapy. The sauna remains, it has just been converted to a textile version. The entire project will cost eight million euros, four million for each construction phase.

Fürstenfeldbruck: Anna Klinke (center) shows Bruck city councilors the construction site of the former department store X Building.

Anna Klinke (center) shows Bruck City Council members the construction site of the former department store X Building.

(Photo: Carmen Voxbrunner)

Architect Helgo von Meier from Schondorf has known the building since he “took in department store X to eat french fries” when he was eleven and wants to “uncover the structure and make it clear that it is an old department store where you train now” . According to von Meier, it should show a connection to the once very busy place. So far, Hardy’s has only used the top floors of the former department store that closed twenty years ago. Now the ground floor and the basement are added, where the toy store Reindl until the middle of last year had its store and the warehouse in the basement.

Hardy’s fitness center has been in Fürstenfeldbruck since 2008. Reinhard Klinke founded it in 1987, while his three children Franziska, Anna and Johannes also take over the responsibility of the family-owned business. The studio at Viehmarktplatz will be the largest Hardy’s in the future, so far it has been in Greifenberg (Landsberg district). Another is located in the Brucker industrial park Hasenheide and in the town of Landsberg.

Meanwhile, there were plans to move the gym to the outskirts of the city, but then they decided to stay in their own building in the city center. We want to help people connect and get to know each other, says CEO Anna Klinke, who led the city council members through the construction site with her brother Johannes and is herself a CSU municipal councilor in Schondorf. In 2022, the Brucker city race, which had to be canceled due to the corona virus, will be held again. Prior to the opening of the gastronomy on 22 November, there will be a weekend with an open-air concert and open house.

And: The space in front of the gym must also be enlivened, not just with outdoor catering. There on the grass area in front of Hardy’s entrance, the studio would like to set up exercise equipment for everyone – similar to a calisthenics park. The operators have already given the city council members their wish. “We want to offer our collaboration so that the cattle market becomes a city center,” says Anna Klinke.

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