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The selection of games online is unlimited, and those looking for new challenges often spend more time searching than playing. Sports games that you can bridge over time with until the next live event are especially popular. This article introduces the reader to four interesting and entertaining sports games that those interested can play online for free or in a demo version

Hugo Goal from Play N Go

Hugo Goal is a slot game developed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The character Hugo is the hero of a Scandinavian animated series and several games. The lovingly drawn images on Hugo Goal deal with the subject of football in all its variations.

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The structure of the slot is simple: it has three reels and three rows. A total of five paylines are possible with a payout rate of 96 percent.

The game can be tested for free online. Games for money and with attractive winning opportunities are possible from 5 cents, which can be increased to 100 euros.

The graphics are creative and feature many characters from the well-known animated series. The game becomes interesting due to the many extras, such as three bonus rounds and an action replay feature. The player receives the latter if two of the same images are visible on the wheel. Now run the third wheel until a winning combination results. When he takes penalties, Hugo acts as the goalkeeper and the player makes a bid on which direction the ball will go. The more times you get it right, the higher the multiplier.

If you want to know more about Hugo Goal, you can find all the information about this game on the internet.

Play table tennis with I’m Ping Pong King

Players experience a realistic gaming experience with I’m Ping Pong King, which interested parties can play on their PC or mobile phone. You must defeat ten opponents in a row, with difficulty increasing with each game. The matches are not only getting harder, but also longer, so in the first round three points are enough for a victory, in the last eleven.

The creative design of I’m Ping Pong King is worth mentioning. At first glance, it seems very simple, all you can see at first glance is a stick figure. This one can, however, stretch and stretch and shoot the ball over the plate in quick movements.

The operation of the game is simple, players just tap on the right side of the screen.

The game can be played for free over the Internet or the app online. Only a small, inconspicuous advertising banner can be seen, which is hardly disturbing. If you still want to play ad-free, you can turn it off with a small amount.

Shooting basket with basketball FRVR

The online game Basketball FRVR makes it easy for any player to shoot a few baskets in between. The game is simple and does not need much explanation. You can see a basketball hoop and a ball as the players move in the direction of the hoop with the mouse. Points are awarded for each basket made, the more baskets the player creates, the higher the number of points. The game is easy in the beginning, with a little skill you can hit the baskets without any problems. However, the basket always moves away a little, which increases the degree of difficulty. After a miss, Basketball FRVR is over and the player must start over.

This game can be played for free on various sites on the Internet. There is also an app in the well known Playstores. This popular online game is the perfect entertainment to bridge the wait for your girlfriend or doctor.

Playing football with penal champion 21

If a trip to Qatar is too expensive, or if you are unlucky in the ticket draw, you can also simulate a football tournament with Penalty Champs 21. As the title says, it mimics the most exciting part of any football match, the penalty shootout.

First, the player selects a team and starts playing. There are several rounds before a team reaches the final. With multiple strokes, the player determines the strength and direction of the shot. The computer-controlled goalkeeper must stop the ball. In the second round, the player now takes over the role of goalkeeper and prevents the ball from going into the net. This is how it goes to the final. Football fans use it to build bridges over time until the next world or European championships and prepare emotionally for the event.

This game can be played for free online. The few rules are self explanatory, and after just a few minutes, the fun begins.


Getting into the world of sports is not easy for everyone. If you want more than just watching games on TV or reading sports reports, you should search the internet for sports games. The selection presented here is only a small part of the existing games and forms the basis of limitless gaming fun. Over time, you discover more and more games and the joy of playing increases with the number of options. In most cases, the rules for free online games are simple and are especially good for games in between.

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