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Every sports fan knows the Super Bowl, but not the rules of American football. A little rule customer and further explanations.

The Super Bowl is approaching. Interest in the season’s most important game in American football is constantly rising in Germany, where more than two million viewers watch the Cincinnati Bengals against the Los Angeles Rams duel on Monday night.

But not all of them are already experts in the sport. If you do not want to google all the time, here are the answers to basic questions from football beginners to help you prepare. When will the Super Bowl be televised and streamed? You can find out here.

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the final of the National Football League Championship and is now being played for the 56th time – the official spelling is the Super Bowl LVI with the Roman numerals. In the NFL, the 32 teams are divided into two divisions, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, abbreviated AFC and NFC. Both conferences are represented by one team in the Super Bowl – AFC this season by the Cincinnati Bengals, NFC by the Los Angeles Rams.

According to the official relationship, the Bengals are the home team. This is confusing as the match will be played at SoFi Stadium – Rams’ home ground. They are allowed to stay in their cabin, the Bengals switch in the Los Angeles Chargers’ rooms, which also play their home games at the stadium, which is estimated to cost five billion dollars.

Who is the favorite?

Game providers and experts see the Los Angeles Rams with a small advantage. The team not only plays at home and can prepare in the familiar surroundings, but also has the stronger and above all more experienced squad on paper. However, the Bengals are by no means without a chance and have won in two of their three playoff games against teams – the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs – who were also clear favorites.

How do you win a game of American football?

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From high school to the Super Bowl, the team with the most points wins.

When does a team get points?

There are six points to a touchdown. To do this, the ball must either be carried into the goal zone or caught by a player there. A field goal is worth three points. The ball is kicked through the goal post. After a touchdown, you can transport the ball from two yards into the end zone with a single attempt and get two extra points if you succeed (two-point conversion). A kick to an extra point is more common. A security equivalent to two points is rare. An example of this: A team takes the opponent’s quarterback down into their own end zone while the opponent still has the ball.

Is anything legal in football?

no hitting, kicking, scratching, biting, spitting – none of this is allowed. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the helmet grid of an opponent or deliberately hit the head of the other player.

Why do referees throw yellow rags on the court?

The judges use this to signal that they have noticed a violation of the rules, such as an offside position or an error. The game is only interrupted by a so-called flag if a whistle is blown at the same time. For sometimes, the advantage for a team after a game is so great that they refuse to punish the other team and prefer to continue. Depending on the situation, smart teams also use this for a kind of free play with high risk. If it does not work, there is still a penalty for the other team, and you do not lose the ball yourself. In addition, violations of the rules by both teams can also cancel each other out, so in many cases there is a waiting period.

Why do professionals often tip their toes to catch the ball?

In American football, the lines are no longer part of the court, the one who touches them is out. For a pass to be considered a catch, a player must have both feet on the ground before stepping off the court. Jumping off in the field and getting up outside is therefore not an option.

How many players are on the field?

Each team can have eleven players on the field and can replace as often as they want. Usually there are eleven different football players on the field in offensive than in defense of a team. There are also players who are only used in special situations, for example during kick-offs or attempts with field goals.

How long does a game last?

Theoretically four times 15 minutes, ie one hour. Because the clock does not run through, but is stopped in many situations, you can, as a rule of thumb, count on about three hours. Through the break music show – this year with hip-hop and R&B big Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar – the break in the Super Bowl is longer than usual and it can take up to four hours from the first game to the last scene. Experienced Super Bowl fans therefore know: Better to take time off the next day.

What do the players talk about when they meet in a circle?

In most cases, this involves the announcement of the next move. Theoretically, each player knows exactly what his task is. The big boys know whether to push their opponent left or right, for example to create a hole that the other player can run through. Passport recipients know when to change direction. Because the opponent is of course also a factor, one still has to improvise over and over again.

Why do so many people use headsets?

The coaches are in contact with each other, some employees also sit up in the stands and have a completely different perspective from there. In addition, coaches can also talk to their quarterback or a defender and give tips or instructions. These professionals have a speaker in the helmet, identified by a green sticker. Only one player per. teams must wear a helmet with this feature on the field.

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